Doctor Who – Series Eight, Episode Five – Time Heist.

A concept. Breaking into a secure bank but with Whovian twist.

The outside phone on the Tardis rings, very few people have that number.

Next, A table, four people and memory worms. A message from ‘The Architect’ and a heist in the making.

A romp at times and I enjoyed Keeley Hawes and the concept of ‘The Teller’.

Maybe it wrapped up too smoothly, maybe it didn’t quite deliver as smartly or cleverly as an episode of Hustle.

The conclusion with the Teller effectively being a blackmailed prisoner by Karabraxios and The Doctor freeing it’s mate was suitably noble and Doctor like, but how we got there wasn’t quite enough for me.

The Doctor being ‘The Architect’ was interesting as was his speech at the denouement ‘I Hate the Architect.. He’s…’ and launching into his own worst qualities.

Possibly worth seeing for that alone, the episode wasn’t essential, but it built on Clara and Danny and built on Clara and The Doctor’s relationship too.

Very telling that Psi commented on her ability to apologise for The Doctor too.

I enjoyed it, but not the best of the run so far 7/10.


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