Doctor Who – Series Eight – Episode Seven – Kill The Moon.

A good concept, the moon is an egg. Some good scares and thrills.

I enjoyed Courtney.

I wondered though on Clara and her journey. Who exactly is this new Doctor and he’s very obviously not ‘her’ Doctor. The tension is there, this guy isn’t her boyfriend, isn’t her best buddie.

The key line is ‘Duty of Care’ – as Clara made out about Courtney. The Doctor has that ‘Duty of Care’ too. To Clara, to Earth.

Did Clara twig, did she realise the decision she made was ‘his decision’?

There’s an easy opt out that the doctor could change events over and over by using the Tardis, but he’s obviously watched the events on the moon base before timing his return and the show and tell on the beach.

The fall out or argument at the end between Clara and the Doctor was very human, maybe very expected, but possibly not something we’ve seen in Nu-Who, a companion reaching their wits end with The Doctor and having enough of him.

Emotional perhaps, but it’s been clear over the series that Clara is struggling to juggle her life and travelling with this Doctor. This Doctor that she’s not sure of, an alien that’s not just giving her the soft easy option, she’s facing danger and taking decisions.

Was he entirely truthful that he couldn’t see what would happen?

Was this a fixed event he couldn’t mess about with?

As the ‘impossible girl’ Clara made those decisions anyway?

She’s impacted in a major way in the life of The Doctor, but unlike Rose seeing her Doctor regenerate, the event hasn’t seemingly made them closer.

Is it just Clara? Is it The Doctor? Can this dynamic work?

It’s good storytelling, it’s a tale within the tale. Whether the end story or pay off at series end is enough though and whether there’s enough hook to keep a proportion of the fans on board though.

7/10 for the episode.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Series Eight – Episode Seven – Kill The Moon.

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