Doctor Who – Series Eight, Episode Eight – Mummy on the Orient Express.

I enjoyed the pretitle sequence. A good structured intro.

As for Clara and the Doctor – a last hurrah?

I enjoyed Foxes singing and the scene setting the Orient Express.

Coincidentally heard the full version of her song on radio on Saturday it’s rather good (I’m not the biggest fan of Queen..).

I think the track can be found through the Doctor Who website.

Important things in the episode?

The Doctor lies.. But we knew that didn’t we?

The grief stricken woman (Maisie) called him out early in the episode ‘That Man is a Liar’.

Clara reiterates that toward the end.

Clara’s view of the Doctor, she hates him. Or does she?

Again, their relationship is explored, again she has doubts over this man that replaced her ‘Doctor’,

Clara’s chats with Danny and Maisie illustrate her thinking on The Doctor, but he saves the day, he saves Maisie.

Clara lies though to get Maisie where the Doctor wants her in that carriage.

I suspect they both lie at the end of the episode to greater and lesser degrees, but to what point?

What has Clara seen to change her mind?

Accomplice? Maybe Clara had a point, the deaths around their adventures, this new Doctor has racked up a toll.

‘A Thing’ – a way to describe their adventures? How else can it be described?

‘GUS’ – what did that stand for? Who is behind it? Why had they been after The Doctor.

No obvious sign of missy or the bloke from the thick of it in the episode.

So what of the Series Arc or is the Missy thing a layer, like the Clara/Doctor fall out? The Mummy being ‘A Soldier’?

I liked the on-screen timer, the period device the Doctor used to call Clara and Perkins and the Doctor chatting on what’s ‘under the Hood’ on the Tardis.

Oh and Jelly Babies in a case!!


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