Doctor Who – Series 8, Episode 9 – Flatline

BBC 1’s scheduling needs a comment, there’s frankly a ridiculous number of contestants on Strictly Come Dancing and I felt I was waiting forever for Doctor Who to start.

As for the episode..

I felt It was a good concept. A 2D Monster with a Doctor Lite episode – trapped in the Tardis concept.

Clara has the Sonic Screwdriver and the Psychic Paper.

She’s being The Doctor through her optic nerve being hacked.

The how isn’t important, but it worked.

Again, we rack up a fair few ‘victims’, Clara can’t save everyone, as The Doctor can’t in previous episodes.

She gains an companion of sorts in Rigsy and there’s good concepts in there with the monster, the tiny box that the Tardis becomes.

Again a slight change in the relationship of Clara and The Doctor, made necessary by talking down the line.

She trusts him and listens, she has to make the decisions that he normally makes.

She pulled if off and wasn’t doing the ‘I’m so feisty’ act that other previous companions would have pulled.

The hair band on the ‘dead man’s handle’ was superb, as was the poster idea.

The ‘Twodis’ being crap was excellent in my opinion. I like rubbish gadgets from the Doctor.

I thought the Doctor moving the Tardis like the hand in the Addams Family was good fun as well.

Overall 8/10

Pleased to see Missy, but what do we learn? That she’s observing events? That she’s aware of Clara?



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