Sheer Utter Total Speculation on Doctor Who

Wonder how many I’ll get wrong..

Doctor Who Series Eight Finale

1. Missy is the women that gave Clara the number at start of Bells of St John.

2. Missy is connected to The Doctor. To me the #whoismissy stuff could be literal.

3. If Who is Missy, then Missy is Who. Or The Doctor is Missy / Missy is The Doctor.

4. That makes Missy possibly The Valeyard and not The Master or Rani.

The Valeyard was meant to appear between the Twelfth and Thirteenth incarnations.

5. Clara’s fate won’t be resolved over the next two episodes.

6. Danny Pink is ex-UNIT, he has significance and possibly has encountered The Doctor before.

7. The Doctor can’t defeat Missy himself (He is Missy), again Clara has to restore him.

8. Dark Water alludes to Clara previously stating she was from Blackpool.

9. Clara has the Doctor’s TARDIS as it locks out The Doctor and Missy as ‘Time Lords’ and it defaults to her control. Hence the ‘you won’t get in’ scene.

10. Missy’s TARDIS is the red phone box we’ve seen in some stills.

11. The Cybermen result from Missy being the Valeyard

12. Missy and The Doctor have to merge for him to be complete.

13. Gallifrey is the link. The new set of regenerations given by The Time Lords to The Doctor had a side effect – The Valeyard/Missy. It explains his behaviour through Series Eight.

There you go. No doubt I’m wrong.


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