Doctor Who – Series Eight, Episode Eleven – Dark Water

Danny gets splatted, Clara loses it in a ‘key sequence’

‘We’re going to Hell’ – oooh, ooooh!

Nice Twist though, The Doctor would not let her down though.

The Tardis hand interface again..

Danny wakes up in the nether sphere .. Enjoyed Seb in those scenes.

The water tanks in a mausoleum. 3W?

And my god that was a kiss by Missy/Misi and a ‘Doctor Who?’ Slid in too!

The Doctor is very thrown by Missy.

Some Danny back story at last too!

Support mechanisms inside the water! Uh-oh. And those shaped windows..

‘I’m missing something obvious’ then the lift door shuts.. Brilliant visual cue.

And a ‘fibette’ she’s brilliant.

Time Lord Tech.. With Cybermen..

The one you abandoned.. A time lady.

Was thinking Rani, was thinking Romana..

What do you think Missy means and then the reveal..


9/10. Loved that.


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