Scotland would now vote for Independence? I’m not so sure.

So Scotland would now vote for independence?

After September’s gut wrenching result, I’m not inclined to believe that.

I think there’s still a large section of our society still obsessed with themselves and unable to see past that, it might be pensioners, it might be labour die hards, it might be viewers of BBC Scotland news, folk that still shop in Asda, those that still buy the Daily Record or the youngsters that weren’t informed enough and voted no on the day.

The penny might have dropped for some, but too late and at what cost?

I knew ‘the vow’ was a crock of shite, I knew Brown could deliver nothing. I know this Smith Commision isn’t going to deliver Devo Max.

I know this 52% poll won’t follow through to next May. There won’t be fifty plus SNP MP’s.

The No’s and Naw’s will see their world roll on, they’ll bury their heads whatever the headline and whatever the message.

Murphy’s campaign team will see him lead Labour, twists and turns will happen.

Lord Smith will report some further devolution, it would make anyone happy but that’s what we’ll get.

Five years time, Ten years time for another referendum? Misery , Austerity, Poverty will kill any dream.

Despite what’s said now, people won’t follow through. A slow and long road and not necessarily a hopeful one.

A nation voted itself into a region in September, the consequences are to come and the people who voted for it won’t give a stuff as long as their wee bubbles are unaffected.


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