Catalonia referendum

@ANC_Ireland: #Catalonia [100% of votes counted] #N9:

– Yes / Yes: 80,7% (1,861,753)
– Yes / No: 10,00% (232,182)
– No: 4,5% (104,772)

Turnout 2,305,290


Clear enough but big concern is the turnout. Possible electorate is about 5.4 million and guesses at turnout are 37%.

Obviously it’s a symbolic vote, but the non’s didn’t bother with it.

Hopefully it does help bring a sanctioned and agreed referendum for the Catalans. Personally, I don’t see the Spanish government doing anything useful on the matter though.

The Catalans at least have their own media supporting them.

I’ve struggled with the BBC reporting on this matter, but what’s new.


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