Fighting bedtime

He can have busy days, he has school, some home time and you think he’s tired.

A routine helps. Bed then Bath, but sometimes he escapes and grabs an iPad and says ‘no bed’; it’s tough to steer him around and get him in the bath.

Once in the bath, he sometimes doesn’t like his hair wet. He sometimes moans about it, but constantly and sometimes it’s enough to knock his bedtime off track.

He’s not being naughty, he has sensory issues and his hair was cut recently.

So a routine, keeping him on track and on line and judging the moments. Being clear and concise. No mucking about, no interruptions.

But you blow it. He’s up half the night. Can’t reason with him, can’t talk him down.

Yeah parenting is tiring. Parenting for autistic kids…


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