The Missing (TV)

I’ve mostly watched the missing on recording and have taken a while to get into it, I didn’t instinctively like the show on first viewing.

Obviously the subject matter isn’t comfortable viewing and the disappearance of a child is a bit of a difficult topic in the first place.

I struggled with James Nesbitt’s hair (of all things) in the initial episodes.

I liked the tone and ‘feel’ and the visuals and cinematography, it certainly looked right for a mystery and music etc was appropriate, it also used spoken French and subtitles in a 9pm BBC prime slot. I’m not sure it directly compares to Sky’s ‘The Tunnel’ but some similarities are in there.

As the serial moved on and I got used to the time shifts back and forth and took in the red herrings and things that moved the story on, I appreciated the desperation of Nesbitt’s character, the interplay with his ex-wife and her new man.

The acting from Tchèky Karyo as Julien, was probably the saving grace for me, watchable, most credible in his part and close to carrying the relationship between the father of the missing boy and retired detective through.

The conclusion tonight had some good, but really left the story hinging on a dying man confessing to himself hitting the child with his car.

Plausible? Possibly, the stretch was the cover up by his brother and ‘getting rid’ of the child. I won’t even bother with the final scene and the jump that would take to make sense, it certainly went beyond credibility.

The Missing will return and that’s welcome, the series largely worked, the co-production element with a U.S. Network and with filming in Belgium is fair enough.

More Julien please!


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