But you’ve had it 42 years.. (Autism) 

.. So what difference does a diagnosis now make?

Er. My Aspergers is something that I’ve grown up with and worked around as an adult, but without success.

Drinking alcohol to excess wasn’t good for me. Coping by smoking isn’t good for me. Comfort eating isn’t good for me.

My condition is co-morbid with Depression and Anxiety, both of which have triggered breakdowns. I don’t have the capacity to interact properly with people and I don’t have the right tools to deal with social contact. 

I end up being in the fringes of things and I get down about it, I get worried, get defensive and minimise contact and avoid people and situations that I can’t handle.

It’s a spiral. I can’t do something, I get worried, I get down, I withdraw.

It’s no game, it’s seriously affected my life, I’ve made bad choices, misjudged what I can and cannot do and have taken on much too much at times.

I don’t have a functional relationship with my family. I still have my own kids and that’s about it.

I don’t really have enough social contact and I can’t manage social situations like neuro typical people can.

But, the kicker, I look the same as usual, it’s not a visible condition. It’s not easy to pick up a phone. 

Knowing what I have and what it leads to, is a big help, but it means I have to do the stuff that stops me being exhausted or worried and look after myself better


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