Exhausted (Autism)

I’m tired. I’m nearly always completely tired. There’s no good time when I’m fresh and full of energy.

I’m unsure where issue is. I get up and I’m zonked, fighting urge to go to sleep.

I’m trying earlier bedtime I’m trying keeping myself better, I’m trying to do the right things.

I want a semblance of a life, I need more than what this is. 

I don’t know where to go for help, I’m getting stressed at the lack of help for me and I’m wondering if being back in a daily work routine is better for me. I can’t get things how I want, I can’t block the light and noise out and I can’t get the focus and the clarity of thinking I need. 

I’m lower than I should be. I don’t really want to see and hear people and I’m not enjoying the restricted space when travelling or how busy stations and streets are.

I guess I’m hungry and tired. I guess I’m out of sorts and struggling. 


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