Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale

I’m a fan of the books written by George Martin but also of the Show.

We’re at a juncture where the producers of the show trimmed the fat, reduced the storylines and stuck with their leading characters and as a result, have shown events that are ahead of the timing in the books and are quite substantially different from the book series in place and interaction.

The Winds of Winter book appears no closer. Unless there’s a dramatic announcement after the dusts settles after the Season 5 finale.

So what do we have? The coherence of the storylines in the show. Was that where Martin was planning to get to?

My issues with the show effectively being spoilers for the books. 

Does Sansa go to winterfell? – she can’t and she doesn’t. There’s a plot line around Sweet Robin, Harry Tye Heir and Littlefinger to be resolved.
Can Stannis survive? – Brienne of Tarth wasn’t in the north in the books and Stannis was in a slightly better position within the complexity of the books. Melisandre looked broken and gone in the final episode, although I’d speculate that she revives Jon Snow in season six.

Jamie Lannister and Dorne – all in all it just didn’t work. The Sand Snakes were badly defined. Jamie returning after Cersei’s shame might work, but again it’s far removed from the point in the books.

The Iron Born? 

I’m thankful that Mereen was slightly more cohesive in the show, and delighted to see Varys spar with Tyrion again. 

I’m torn and frustrated I guess. I never expected a faithful, scene by scene adaptation of every book and every plot line, especially the twists and turns in the riverlands plots and in Mereen, but my main frustration is with the Author rather than the producers.

The show will become the default in many more minds, Martin had a chance to stay ahead. Sadly it looks like the creative surge of the show will see it endure further.

If the book series continues, then the source becomes contradictory to its product, we may see in the end that it gets to the same results by different means but, there’s an issue for the fans like me that have bought into the show and the books. 


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