Queen Street Tunnel Closure

I was fascinated by reports in the railway forums about a new chord being built at Anniesland to connect from the Maryhill line onto the North Clyde line to allow trains to come from Edinburgh and serve Glasgow Queen Street low level (although once through Partick, Glasgow Central Low Level is also, in theory, possible)

So, the Scotsman’s Alistair Dalton again had the story first and these images with it. 

The diagrams appear to be in the current Scotrail linear style for route maps. 

The first shows Glasgow Central operating Aberdeen services, which presumably uses the Whifflet line and then the connection to Cumbernauld and Falkirk.

The second map shows a Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow service operating a diamond via Anniesland/Queen St LL/Springburn.

The possibility of Central Station operating services to North East Scotland is interesting enough, but that one way diamond of at least two trains an hour is interesting too. 

Will diesel units really operate through the tunnels non stop as a Waverley to Waverley service with minimal stopping time at Queen Street Low Level or could EMU’s operate that service if enough of the route proposed is electrified prior to the 2016 closure of the tunnel entrance to Queen Street? 

A point of interest is whether the Maryhill Line be electrified as a quick hit and a future operational benefit to the West of Scotland network. In many ways it might be a similar prospect to the Paisley Canal electrification scheme as it is a fairly short and mainly single track route.

A quick hit is simply doing the necessary track, signalling and points work and getting the diesel 170’s around the proposed diamond and back out, but electrification does offer more possibilities and would be a longer benefit than a simpler scheme.

I also wonder if the diamond would just be used one way as Glasgow to Dunblane/Alloa services might be able to do that running the diamond in a clockwise direction.

For now, it’s speculation, but it could be an interesting diversion for four or five months of 2016.

(Edited to add. Spotted on the evening after posting )

To ‘connect Anniesland to wider network sounds promising!’


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