Doctor Who: Series Nine Preview of Episodes 1 & 2.

A tip. Never read past anything saying Extreme Spoilers..

But, this blog won’t be quite as bad as that.
Episode one is ‘The Magicians Apprentice’

Episode two is ‘The Witch’s Familar’

But, but, but.. There’s an intro to it all, ‘The Doctor’s Meditation’

So what does all that mean?

Firstly, the prequel and set-up to the season. ‘The Doctor’s Meditation.’

Why would he meditate? 

And what about? The Time War? What’s happened to Gallifrey and how to get to that pocket universe. Who he is. (And indeed he is who) What rules define him? As the last Time Lord, who defines him? 

Maybe he has reason to ask questions. His blackboard and ‘Question’ scenes in ‘Listen’ maybe point to a need to look for answers.

Maybe he wants to defy the rules, maybe he’s seeking to know how and where the Master became Missy. What prompted a regeneration into a woman? 

Could The Doctor do that? Could that be the question to meditate on? Does Missy actually know where Gallifrey is?

The Doctor isn’t with Clara for this prequel, so he’s not restrained or stopped or influenced.

Okay, the first episode feeds from that. 

We know from the publicity and spoiler free previews that the Doctor does go missing and that Clara and Missy look for him, but..

‘The Magician’s Apprentice’.

Is that a reference to The Doctor and Clara, is she his apprentice? – I think we already know that. ‘Flatline’ in season eight, showed Clara capable enough with minimal help from The Doctor.

So, does the title reference Clara teaming up with Missy, is Missy the magician?

Could the title be poked at and seen as ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, taking the famous Mickey Mouse Fantasia reference from that and looking at the Goethe poem where the story really hinges on the chaos caused and the Sorcerer returning and sorting the mess, telling the apprentice that ‘powerful spirits should only be summoned by the master himself’ 

Well, we have our Master in Missy and if she is the Sorcerer, then it might be that the Doctor is the apprentice and it is he who has created chaos by unleashing something he should not. It changes the relationship from The Doctor sorting out The Master’s schemes. A reversal of the standard story.

The episode previews seem to lead that way and I’m happy to have at least partially figured where the title fits.

Now, the second episode is ‘The Witch’s Familar’ is a reference to a animal spirit that serves a witch, the Familar is a spirit or animal guide, servant or.. Wait for it! ..companion that serves the witch. 

Again, Clara! Companion etc etc, but that’s an assumption and if our witch is Missy, then it’s unlikely Clara is a willing servant for her. 

Or maybe as suggested above to help The Master solve a problem created by The Doctor, meaning that he becomes her companion of sorts. 

(Addition – I should and I meant to say that ‘The Witch’s Familar’, could just literally be just that, the witch is familiar. Missy is what Missy does, a return to type.’)

It could be intriguing and I’ve not mentioned casting of actresses in supporting roles or screen shots showing objects that we may well recognise…


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