Doctor Who Series 9 Warm Up..

Last Night watched Utopia, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords from series 3.

Have recently seen ‘Fires of Pompeii’, The Stolen Earth, Journey’s End from Series 4.

‘Victory of the Daleks’ from series 5.

‘The Impossible Astronaut’, ‘Day of the Moon’, ‘A Good Man Goes to War’, ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ and ‘The Wedding of River Song’ from series 6.

‘Asylum of the Daleks’, ‘The Bells of St John’ and ‘The Name of the Doctor’ from Series Eight.

I’ve seen ‘Night of the Doctor’ again and the Series 9 Prologue.

But tonight it’s old school and ‘The Brain of Morbius’ featuring the Fourth Doctor.. 


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