More Doctor Who pre-series nine nonsense

BBC America also post promotional stuff on Doctor Who..

These are fascinating. There’s more, but.. Big guy in a circus top type arena with axe. The Doctor with Guitar., Clara with Doctor, Clara with Missy…

But the still of Clara picking up the dropped sonic screwdriver? On her left arm.. Oh my giddy aunt. 


I’m guessing that’s just a handkerchief that missy has. The big guy is reputed to be in the (so far USA only) pre-episode short ‘The Doctor’s Meditation’ which in itself follows from a line between the Doctor and Ohilia the Priestess of Karn in the ‘Prologue’ that we’ve had released by BBC in UK.

Okay, the Prologue. Title card says Karn and our most recent sighting of it was before ‘Day of the Doctor’ in the Eight minute or so, ‘Night of the Doctor’, where our Eighth Doctor is revived by the Priestesses and given a potion/brew/concoction/elixir to be the ‘War Doctor’

Now we have Doctor Twelve conversing knowingly with Ohilia, we presume she’s the high priestess, their conversation is brief and alludes to whether the Doctor will go to ‘him’ and also about the Doctor and the Master. To my mind, it is two sections of conversation. One about ‘him’, the second about the end of series eight and the Master reappearing as Missy.

But, there’s an object passed to the Sister by the Doctor. It’s a circular device. We’re told in a roundabout way that it’s a time lord recorder called a ‘confession dial’, It’s seen with Clara and Missy in the general Series Nine promo clip.

So there’s a connection. Doctor>Ohilia>Missy&Clara.


Now, that’s the Eighth Doctor in Night of the Doctor drinking from the Chalice cup thing, but what’s that the Twelfth Doctor and the big guy with the Axe have their too? Looks same-same to me. The Radio Times tweets and website I must confess are a bit more hint dropping and spoilers than I’d ideally like. 

Is the big guy necessarily a bad guy? I dunno I think we may have some misdirect and some Timey-Wimey stuff to deal with on that. If I’m right I’ll return to that later, but an episode later in series does have a Viking/Odin thing going on. Will the big guy be in that? 

Last thing is the episode card above, The Radio Times is out 15th September with a fair bit of series’s preview, several of these episode titles were only released (today) on the 14th. 

We’ve had a mixture of trailers for season, trailers for first episode, spoiler free reviews. A actual prologue released. stills and interview material from the official resources. I’ve not had to dig too deep to figure where this could lead.

But will ‘The Doctor’s Meditation’ appear on the UK Iplayer at the same time the U.S. Audience see it in their packaged Cinema release with Dark Water and Death in Heaven?



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