Doctor Who Series Nine – an ill informed guess at it.

Last 24 hours saw news of Jenna Coleman’s departure surface and some light on the possible content of ‘The Doctor’s Meditation’

I’m guessing the following

The Series will twist time. It will only make sense as a whole series. Events could be laid out non-linear (he is a time traveller!)

The Doctor being in Karn. To me, that throws up the Eighth Doctor and the War Doctor.

The possibility of Skaro as a Planet visited? 

Missy. As the only other Time Lord not in the bubble universe of Gallifrey, there’s a dynamic between The Doctor and The Master. Betrayal by The Master is inevitable, but they will work together.

Missy/The Master. Is the explaination the Karn potions?

The fight in episode 1 with the big guy looks a classic mismatch from the stills, but I suspect, ‘Meditation’ will reveal much more.

I think there’s Multi-Doctor somewhere in the series. A minimum of Eight and Twelve. I’ve seen the rumours on Ten possibly too. A helping other Doctor makes sense in context of a grand story or epic foe.

As for Ten, if he appears, then it furnishes the Theory Russell T Davies and Moffat had on resolving Capaldi being in ‘Fires of Pompeii’

Clara, I think dies. There’s pre-press for the series about the Doctor making a mistake. Is it her death? I’m gonna speculate that she might go before the final episode. If one is indeed a Doctor only episode. 

UNIT, Zygons and Osgood suggests a link to The Day of the Doctor and a reference back to that special and Gallifrey and The War Doctor possibly too. The Gallifrey Falls No More picture and the ‘Black Archive’ throw up a lot of possibilities. Could a younger actor play the War Doctor as the man leaving Karn or are there other possibilities to that regeneration.

I want Vastra, Jenny and Strax in the series, but how and where? 

Clara has the vortex manipulator on her arm from the stills, I guess she travels TARDIS Free with Missy, at least initially. Although where exactly was Missy after Death in Heaven? 

I suppose there’s a Valeyard question unresolved and also issues on Gallifrey, Time Lords and resolving the Arc around Missy.

That’s me for now.


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