‘Witches’ familiar’ – a few guesses ahead of S9 E2 

Possible Spoilers – I’m speculating.

We’re left with The Doctor and Davros in Davros’ hospital room after we’ve seen Missy and Clara exterminated and The TARDIS destroyed.

So, how does The Doctor get out of that one?

My guess is that he does and he doesn’t.

Certainly looks from the publicity and trailers that The Doctor has the face-off with Davros, almost an episode about The Doctor and his foe.

But, we know that the Doctor saw Colony Sarff on Karn. We don’t know how long before the scenes of his ‘meditation’ though. But with a time machine and a Fez, we’ve seen The Doctor pull off spectacular escapes in the past and I’m going for a bit of that to explain how The Doctor can beat Davros.

I’m guessing on The Doctor following Sarff, seeing Skaro and deciding to give himself a route out, I’m also guessing that the ‘noise’ made by The Doctor in 1138 is deliberate in order to attract Missy’s attention. He might need a help in Skaro, after all. He suspects that she isn’t dead and there’s unfinished business after he looked at her duff co-ordinates for Gallifrey. 

How much of that we see on-screen? I’m unsure. I think we might see The Doctor reveal one thing he knows followed by how Davros and the Daleks countered that. Davros and the Daleks have the same mastery of time travel and indeed, that’s why the revived show still has Daleks, they did not all get destroyed when Gallifrey disappeared. They did reappear and reappear again through the new show.

I’m going to also gamble on ‘Rusty’, The Dalek that Twelve has been inside. A way or a route in?

 I’m not so sure about Dalek Caan from the Cult of Skaro, I’m not so sure his inclusion adds anything to the story, but if Davros survived Ten, Doctor Donna and the Metacrisis Doctor, then it’s a fair shout that Dalek Caan did too.

Missy and Clara didn’t die, there’s a reason we saw their paired vortex manipulators and there’s a buddy tale to be had from an unlikely pair.

Missy is excellent as a bad girl, but I suspect we see her as Time Lord and whatever her history with The Doctor, The Master knows that Daleks can’t be reasoned with and must be dealt with. There might be a few gems from that.

I’m guessing that the TARDIS might be ‘procured’ by The Daleks, but that The Doctor certainly wouldn’t allow it. I think he knew Sarff was coming to him and I think that the TARDIS procured wasn’t the real deal – Missy very quickly put down Clara’s defence of the TARDIS as an owner’s boasts about his machine, I think she knew that the TARDIS in that room wasn’t real. I know we saw an interior shot of the TARDIS before it was destroyed, but I’m guessing this is part of the Doctor’s plan.

But young Davros on the battlefield? I can’t see The Doctor killing him. I think he shows compassion and rescues the boy unharmed. That changes the timelines though, it may well be that The Doctor is victorious in defeating his greatest foe by ‘saving’ their creator. After all, to get in the chair Davros would have had to be ravaged by the effects of the hand mines.

Ok, so far, but, with Fixed Points in time, can The Doctor really intervene to stop the creation of the Daleks, can he commit genocide as the Metacrisis Doctor did? No, no he can’t. But there’s another Time Lord around that might have less issues with that. 

My guess is the Doctor saves young Davros but Missy interferes to ensure Davros is again injured and the Daleks are created.

Aha! But why would she? Surely she’d work to free The Doctor and then help him beat Davros by making him good?  Maybe, but the logical conclusion is no Time War and no need for Gallifrey to be hidden. The Master has more to fear than the Doctor from Time Lord Society, especially if it’s unharmed from a Great War with the Daleks.

So, time isn’t heavily rewritten, but The Doctor and Clara do escape the trap laid by Davros.


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