Doctor Who Series Nine, Episode 3 – Under The Lake.

A base for mining deep under a lake.

Ghosts. (Well, after hesitation by The Doctor)

Clara and The Doctor.

There’s nothing wrong with this episode. It’s  certainly solid enough.

I think the follow-up, set in the past may deliver more, there wasn’t anything that struck me after two viewings that shrieked ‘arc’ at me. Nothing obvious to link to the first two episodes.

A good episode that sets up the story well..

Scary? Some. 

Ok that served as my overnight content.


1. Cloister Bell/Duty of Care – is the Doctor thinking Clara too reckless?

2. From the ending, Dead ghost Doctor? 

3. A statis coffin ? 


4. The TARDIS hand brake 😆, although in theory HADS might take it off the base.

5. No obvious sign of Fisher King.

6. The mysterious writing burning on people’s eyes, by not going in the space vehicle, it saved the life of the translator from the ghosts. But how and there was only a passing realisation by the Doctor.



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