Doctor Who Series Nine – Before The Flood

An opening that explains the concept, Twelve even says ‘Google it’ – a Bootlace Paradox – I did and I think I understood that a time traveller can go back, go and have to resolve a future that he had earlier created. Yeah, it’s timey-wimey. 

The ending reinforced that and sold the tale, so the Fisher King was defeated, but the Doctor was the cause, not that it really matter as time loops and causal loops are fairly abstract, even for the geeks of science fiction. 

The nuggets, the nuggets, The Doctor throwing O’Donnell as bait, or a test or a check. Like the Master said, humans can be seen like Puppies to Time Lords. Was that a necessary emphasis that whilst the duty of care exists for Clara, that it isn’t extended to others. Bennet rightly pushed the point.

The Fisher King. ‘Time Lord were just curators. Then they found teeth’, and also a reference to the ‘most warlike race’ about the Time Lords. Was that merely  a goad to drag The Doctor to action? The niceties of not messing up the time lines. The concepts that the Doctor usually doesn’t mess with. Clearly the Doctor didn’t fear the creature and knew what it was.

I didn’t catch the species or planet this warlord came from. The Fisher King wasn’t fleshed out enough and sadly the scene in daylight made him look like a big guy in an alien costume, no smoke or effects or a push to emphasise him. That jarred with an effective chase scene earlier. 

The Tivolian undertaker really being little more than explainer for a ship lost or broken or off course in a military base in 1980 (or maybe not given the UNIT dating controversy) , but wouldn’t there have been some military presence on that base, in the height of the Cold War and I guess I’m thinking that’s a job for UNIT too. Was it unseen in landing? 

I think we have a good two parter with plenty to see and think over, I’m not delving into the Doctors explaination of holograms and the time loops too much.

4 episodes into the series and I’m not sure we’ve seen the arc shouted at us yet. I think we’ve seen ’cause and effect’ in both stories and here and there are nods to Gallifrey and the Time Lords. Clara is probably looking too smart as the companion and too know all. Her rant at The Doctor worked though.

I presume Jenna is playing Clara that way to work toward the series conclusion and to be fair, grief can be a strange thing.

O’Donnell’s background as a unit operative spilled a detail about Harold Saxon as War Minister. A dropped in detail, but.. John Sim’s Master and something The Doctor didn’t know. Obviously we’ve seen more than one Doctor in a story before, but is facing Two Masters a possibility? 

A solid episode was my initial thought, but on a rewatch, it’s clever, well paced and Peter Capaldi talking directly to camera is very enjoyable. 

I think I want to see more pointers to Gallifrey and some indicator that the search is on the Doctor’s mind.

Lastly. Sophie Stone as Cass. A positive move in having  a deaf actress in the show and I liked her performance. I hope we see more of her in future on tv.


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