The Girl Who Died / The Woman Who Lived.

There’s not much in spoilers for this one, nothing I’ve seen that really throws open as to who Maisie Williams plays. We’re told Ashildr and that she may or may not be someone that The Doctor knows. It’s been pointed out that dr are in last two letters of the name. 

I’m guessing at a female from the past and that obviously leads us into The Rani territory, as simply anyone could be and every mysterious female happens to be as speculated by the whovian fandom.

  (rani, rani, rani!!!) – okay that’s out my system.

I’m ruling out a human companion as the girl is seen in two different time streams. (But then again it’s Doctor Who..)

She’s known to The Doctor though.

I’m guessing she’s not a version of River Song (although..)  – a possibility but I think her timeline is well established and there’s enough head scratching at how River meets Twelve in the Christmas special.

A young Missy? (Can’t imagine Missy growing up) – but there’s a gap between the previous version and Missy although there’s stuff saying the Time Lords brought back the Master in tyhe Time War etc etc etc

A possible splinter of Clara ‘the impossible girl’? – a younger or different Clara? I think the time stream stuff was complicated enough on Trenzalore.

A regenerated Susan? The Doctor’s granddaughter? Would they really  do that and how and why and Gallifrey and why? 

Susan’s mum? Unlikely.

Which gives me two Time Ladies.

Jenny – never followed through on after ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ and possibly out there and possibly able to regenerate. Doctor and younger female. Might be too obvious, it might be okay. I’m guessing Jenny able enough to get a vortex manipulator and take on an adventure.

Romana – we’ve had some real Fourth Doctor vibe in this series. It needs classic who knowledge to even know that she’s either on Gallifrey or the E-Space sort of pocket universe. But there’s been audio stuff/comic stuff and I wonder if that ties in. 

Either could make for a recurring character, but do they feature again in the final episodes of the series? Could they balance Missy returning?

I dunno, the Relationship with the Doctor could be more spurious. A new character that time travels may not necessarily be a Time Lord. But, if we are getting a search for Gallifrey in future series, then maybe a recurring Time Lady, sort of friend might be an idea.

Ok. It’s The Rani!! (Fits as well as Jenny or Ronama) and would have as mad a required explaination as either of those two.

Another thought is on seeing speculation that we get a reason why The Doctor has the same appearance as the merchant that Ten and Donna save in The Fires of Pompeii. 

I guess we’re talking Chamelon Arch and stuff like that as the explaination, but Roman to Viking era are a stretch of a few hundred years, location is an issue  in terms of the answer and so might be the reasoning, unless another Time Lord got involved along the way to hide Twelve from Ten. Again it’s tenuous, but Moffatt and Davies have talked this Capaldi being in Who before thing and the retaliation as to why Twelve looks like the merchant might just be that he recalls or remembers something that the merchant had or has. Unfinished business rather than a more complex answer. Maybe it’s a tease for the next season or Christmas special to explain. 

On this Series, I’m no further to a connection on what the series Arc is about after the first four episodes, I’d be hazarding at the Doctor’s using time travel in both two partners to solve an impossible situation. He knew what he faced on Skaro, he had checked it out, he knew Missy was alive, he knew Davros would try and trap him. On the Fisher King he resolved a paradox probably through creating one. His actions do have repercussions and sometimes being there affects matters as much as his own dialogue on not interfering with events goes, by defeating the Daleks or the Fisher King, he creates a different outcome. He certainly isn’t a curator in that sense.

There are teases, speculation and guesses out there, nothing solid to pin speculation on , but as series continues maybe we get a broader idea.


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