Doctor Who Series Nine – Episode 6 – The Woman That Lived. 

Immortality has been considered by humans since time began.

We don’t generally think of The Doctor as ‘immortal’ as he dies from time to time. But, in all his incarnations he’s racked up over 2000 years. 

But, he’s a being that’s ancient and alien and has access to technology that can’t be imagined. 

Peter Capaldi is racking up a string of excellent performances as The Doctor in series nine and he’s conveying an older character of the Time Lord, maybe not as human as Ten or Eleven were, but an Alien that’s sympathetic to humans that understands that a short life (by his terms) isn’t a waste or something to despise. 

And that’s the crux of the episode. I liked Maisie Williams tackling the issue left to her by The Doctor. 

Ashildr lived, grieved, fought, suffered and ultimately living hundreds of years and not finding someone she felt worth giving her matching ‘gift’too. She wanted out of Earth and away from it.

The theme stood up and giving a young and talented actress an opportunity with a recurring role isn’t a bad idea either.

Rufus Hound, I enjoyed immensely. I really loved the banter in the ambush and in the scaffold scene. I dare say that Sam Swift may also reoccur given the use of the Mire device. 

And so.. Is there a polite way to describe the fate of Clara?

She’s been to ‘Valhalla’, she’s been through the wrench of The Doctor changing incarnation, she’s seen three of them at one time, she’s seen the Master, Daleks and Cybermen. She’s been ‘impossible’, she’s ‘been’ The Doctor in Flatline. 

She’s utterly ****** isn’t she?

The series is building to that through the ‘Duty of Care’chats and the ‘find a hobby’ stuff and onto the musings of immortality in this episode and the look, just the look Capaldi’s Doctor gives her when she enters the TARDIS.

Consequences seem to be coming and I’m loving the idea of Zygons and UNIT and Osgood and Kate Stewart in the next two episodes, but I’m curious on what comes out of that and what’s seeded in our previous episodes..


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