Zygon Immersion

Yes I’m excited.

DW is getting an edgy sort of thriller thing going on with Zygond taking over the world.

Well, there’s that and everyone’s favourite geek character.

Osgood as portrayed by the lovely Ingrid Oliver.  

What’s not to get excited about.

I probably wrote at the time of 2013’s ‘Day of the Doctor ‘ that the Zygon subplot was left dangling.

Well, it’s picked up. A lot.

A great idea to return to. Zygons amongst us, who is who given their ability to copy human or other forms.

Ten, Eleven and the War Doctor scrambled memories in the black archive, a peace was found and negotiated by the two Kate Stewarts. But..

Exactly. But.. 

It’s a great idea to return to and great to see Osgood back, but which one did Missy kill in Death in Heaven? 

Yeah, that complicated things a bit. Or did it? I can’t help thinking that this had been in the head of Steven Moffat from after Day of the Doctor, but he had to deal with a change in Doctor and establishing a new series for him, run the show, that sort of thing. 

I’m suspecting payoffs from the 2013 special and death in heaven, I’m also hoping for a twist in the ending and maybe a brief cameo in the Invasion/Inversion episodes.

As for actual information…


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