Doctor Who Series Nine Episode 7 – The Zygon Invasion 

I like the episode, it had pace, dramatic tension, interesting concepts and the pre titles ‘once upon a time’. I didn’t get ‘Amazing Grace’ on viewing, but she was The Eighth Doctor’s companion…

As for the Zygons, two seven year olds as their leaders, the playground scene could have went a bit wrong, I had a moment’s hesitation when I saw The Doctor in the play park.

I think my questions are roughly..

  • Is The Doctor right on Osgood, can he perceive the differences in the species?
  • Osgood’s ‘Nightmare Scenario’ and the zee-97 chemical? Kate Stewart said a man in a tardis took it, so…
  • The Zygons can be good, bad, seeking to settle and hide or bent on radical takeover, but with nothing clear as to what UNIT did directly after the agreement in The Day of The Doctor, then I suppose there is room for quite how UNIT processed the Zygons and how who was who is decided.
  • Osgood can be dead as a Zygon after Death in Heaven’s events, but.. Could her Human form have been Zygon’d again. Was that the real Osgood rescued by The Doctor? I’m guessing Osgood is an obvious prize for her knowledge and there’s the footage of her being taken to the Zygon camp in The fictional East Asian country from New Mexico, so.. That’s at least a 12 hour flight etc etc if someone has time and inclination to pick that apart.
  • I wasn’t convinced by the UNIT soldier not shooting ‘his mother’,  They were briefed and knew the Zygons would pull a stunt like that. Any elite or special forces trained soldier would more probably shoot first to injure rather than relinquish control of their mission, also a Soldier faced with such a situation in a command position is usually relieved of command by his second in command. Maybe a bit unfair on the writers, but you would have an order to stand down given to the commander in that situation if his judgement was seen to have been compromised. I think it’s not a big enough point to be a issue.
  • The Doctor gets Osgood’s message, but lands the TARDIS in London? I’m going to guess he could track where it came from, so.. I’ll throw in that he could have went to New Mexico first rather than just land in London. Presumably, Osgood’s message was a prearranged code word that the Doctor knew the meaning of, so why pick up the trail on the Zygon leaders in London rather than Osgood’s disappearance.
  • Evil Clara – mwah-ah-ha-ah-ha. The Zygon imprint, the take over by Bonnie. In Osgood’s case it worked both ways, hence the Hybrid (I’ll get back to that) chat on the plane and the refusal of the Osgoods to identify themselves. The imprint works both ways and it’s not as simple as a takeover of the human as Clara’s takeover appears to be.
  • (The Crash of the Aeroplane headed for St Petersburg is a sad co-incidence, despite the contents of the last minutes of this episode)
  • Hybrid obviously refers back to Davros in the first double episode and also Ashildr/Me in the last two, is this our Season Arc or is it a bit more involved? Granted it’s not a key phrase or a recurring word, but a Human/Zygon hybrid doesn’t quite hit the Time Lord/Dalek or Human/Mire sort of levels. Osgood might say she’s a hybrid, but it’s more likely her connection with her ‘sister’ isn’t anything beyond their bonding as two individuals from different species. 
  • I’m looking forward to the conclusion, but the chemical does seems a likely solution and I must admit that the Zygons are holding thousands of Humans in their pods is a big enough problem for The Doctor to take a more aggressive solution to their takeover. It’s clear that earth is under threat, the extent might not have dawned on The Doctor, but Clara needs saving. Is the Doctor and Osgood enough to do the trick?

All in all, a more than decent episode using the threat of aliens within and UNIT as the clandestine protectors of the Earth. Almost a thriller, some follow on with Osgood and a story thread that seemingly vanished after ‘Day of the Doctor’.

If the writers strike The Zygon Inversion correctly then we could have a top quality two parter before the series nine conclusion and a fairly good follow on from Day of The Doctor.


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