Doctor Who Series Nine, Episode 9 – Sleep No More.

Ok, unconventional style.

No titles bar a card at the start, but where to start?

Scary. Different.

The viewing was confusing, it was point of view, but with some conventional establishing shots.

It broadly worked. But was off in places, the darkness of the set didn’t help. But a concept and idea that pushed on working, science and sleep and a consequence.

But the ending wasn’t quite clear, The Doctor didn’t quite win the day and he didn’t save people. The sandmen maybe didn’t need realised any better, it sort of worked. 

The episode was criticised real time as it went out, ‘confusing, boring’ amongst some of the comments. I’d say that was unfair, it needed a viewing, it stood up although, perhaps an experimental episode and timed after a strong two part episode. 

Was the episode an interlude between the Zygon double episode and the three to conclude the series?

I think It was a change of direction and pace, but nagging me is the resolution. The dust, Clara. 


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