Doctor Who – Face the Raven – speculation 

A map makers street to acknowledge their copyright used as a place aliens hang out in peace in a big city.

Rigsy – Clara’s ‘companion’ in Series Eight’s ‘Flatline’ has a tattoo problem.

Ashildr/Me last seen in eighteenth century England.

Okay – Rigsy’s tattoo is a countdown. He’s in a bit of bother.

Lovely scarf. But what’s that pendant?

Oh there’s a tattoo/skin art under that scarf?

The chain links? The curves on the tattoo.

Finally, the Raven and Clara front and centre.

All images are from the BBC / BBC America released pictures.

So, Riggsy’s countdown tattoo, Clara’s his ‘Doctor’ figure.

Aliens and Ashildr/Me. Her Tattoo and her chain with links and pendant. The scarf covers them, I’m guessing on a reveal in the episode.

 The Raven. Death or a thing that’s controlled?

Clara’s attitude to travel with The Doctor has recurred in series nine. We know Jenna is leaving the show. The Raven is a symbol of death. Riggsy is counting down presumably to his death. Ashildr may know how to save Riggsy, through Alien technology. We know sometimes death can be cheated, we know sometimes it can’t.

Clara has been impossible, she’s been Oswin Soufflé girl, the Victorian governess and across the Doctors timelines,even reassuring a young boy about monsters under the bed. Is this ‘Clara Prime’ we have in series nine? The Clara, not A Clara, or An Oswin, but The Clara.

If so, then she’s significant. She’s indeed not ‘The Doctor’ but is closer to understanding what The Doctor does and who he is, than most companions. She was set on the path by Missy’s advice on the helpline. She’s addressed the Time Lords as The Eleventh Doctor saw out his fate. She’s been Zygon’d and had a speck of the sandman in her eye. Now, her fate.

It might be inevitable. Careless or thrill seeking and sooner of later she goes too far or gets in too deep.

Or.. Someone wants her gone. To get to The Doctor. To unravel the Time War, to get to Gallifrey or to get the Tardis. Are there strings being pulled by Missy? Is this revenge of sorts by Ashildr/Me? 

Has Ashildr/Me changed again from her last meeting with The Doctor? What has she learned from the waifs and strays of The Doctor’s interventions on Earth? What technology has she gleaned? Has sh became something else? Where is her dandy highwayman? 

I’ve not seen anything remarkable in the pre-reviews. I doubt there’s anything to build upon, I am relatively unsure of the Series Arc or common theme. Certainly consequences appear apparent and hybrid has been mentioned a few times. We know the Mire chip is keeping Ashildr/Me immortal, we have seen the Zygons as a threat to the world order, but Osgood (s) holding the peace. 

The Doctor has dealt with Missy, Davros, young and old, The Daleks, the echoes made by The Fisher King and what we all sort of understood as a Bootstep Paradox. The sandmen looked scary and a issue The Doctor sort of dealt with. Even Osgood was restored through a double, after being evil Clara/Bonnie.

Clara was there throughout series nine, different after Danny’s Death, seeking the thrills with The Doctor, but after a break where UNIT and Missy had to use her to find him. 

Gallifrey is lost, but things do get lost.. (As a certain curator might say.) In some way remarkably unmentioned after the Doctor and Davros had talked on Skaro.

I don’t see a clear answer that ties thing together, I’ve read of Hell Bent and Heaven Sent and presume Clara’s death leads to consequences for the Doctor, but I haven’t yet connected the seeding.


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