Doctor Who Series Nine – Episode Ten: Face The Raven

She’s gone..

Decent Episode, but Ashildr/Me betrayed The Doctor using Clara’s ‘assistant’ Rigsy as bait.

Who was using Ashildr?

The episode used a concept and went with it. Aliens exists in the Who universe, some get trapped on Earth and using a hidden street, Ashildr/Me creates a haven. A home for them, but as ‘mayor’ she’s running a show that seems strange. 

Clara took a risk too far, consistent with her behaviour. A plan when time is running out, she chose to take the countdown tattoo mad risked that Ashildr liking her and vouching her safe was enough.

But, deals with death of Ashildr made aren’t the sort of contracts to swap in hope that there’s a way to trade out of the situation.

Clara has been a companion that’s covered much ground with her Doctors and it was typical that she would sacrifice herself and give a parting order to the Doctor to remind him why he chose the name.

Capaldi in the episode seemed more like the Doctor of series eight, the harder edge, no hoodie, back in the shirt.

Which takes us to who wanted the Doctor. Who set Ashildr to make the trap. Without Clara’s action, Rigsy world have lived, the Doctor would have been trapped but with his companion loose.

It’s speculated that the next episode is really a single handed with The Doctor facing The Veil and his own self. The Veil is said to not be the Valeyard. I’m unsure on the merits or otherwise if it were.

What is coming is the Doctor is alone and up against it. He’s been trapped and stripped of his companion. He won’t stop, but who holds him and why and where.

He’s up for a new direction, but beyond resolving his capture and before he sees River in the Christmas episode we have a bit to go. A journey through dis pair, possibly the Doctor on a ruthless bent. 

If he’s in ‘Hell’ he’ll find his way out. Won’t he? Or will his ‘Hell’ take us on a different route?

But.. Goodbye Clara. You sent us a different companion and bridged Eleven and Twelve. Was series nine going to be one too far? Should she have gone at the Christmas 2014 special? 

Anyway it’s done and it moves on.


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