Doctor Who Series Nine Episode Twelve – Hell Bent

‘Four and a Half Billion Years.’

‘Why would you even do that.. I was dead. Why would you even do that to yourself?’

‘I had a duty of care.’

His duty to Clara. He cared. He needed her. Together they were ‘the hybrid’, Human and Timelord. Companions placed together by Missy as Ashildr said ‘A lover of chaos’ 

But.. Her pulse not re-starting. She can’t be brought back from Facing the Raven. But she has been extracted from between those two heart beats.

Clara’s not dead. Ashildr can’t die. Two women together in another TARDIS that need the adventure, that have the need for it. Clara fought to keep her past, her memory of travelling. 

But how far did he go? The end of time, billions of years through the diamond wall. She wins. He loses but  only the memory of her.

What does he know? Can such a thing really erase a time-lords memory? He knew her name, he knew the cafe was in the wrong place, he knew a young English women shouldn’t be in Nevada. The device was set for humans after all..

I think there’s more..

But the loose end of Missy remains. And how did the timelords set the trap with Ashildr? 

Gallifrey is still in that pocket universe, maybe without Rassillion but, there’s more needed on The Doctor’s home.
We presume between Missy and Ohilia having the confessional dial at the start of this series that it wasn’t interred with or switched and that the confession dial was only reset as the Doctor’s virtual prison after Ashildr had took it from the Doctor in a Face The Raven, but there might have been other times. Was the confession dial bait from The Doctor to the Time Lords? Did he think Ohilia might be in contact with them? Did he assume Missy was? 

I think there’s a loose theory on Missy being in contact with Gallifrey and Rassilion. Missy contacts Ohilia of the Sisterhood of Karn too, but there’s steps missing and at least threads to work from.

With Gallifrey, can there be a new order once Rassillion leaves. The loyalty of the soldiers to The Doctor hints on a story, hints on The War Doctor being a hero of the Time War.

Roll on Christmas and River Song.


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