The Man in the High Castle. (Amazon) 

I had seen the press about this show and had an opportunity over the holidays to Binge Watch.

I felt I enjoyed the show, I thought it had a great premise and had a decently high standard of production. The visuals were good and I was suitably taken into the plot after the first few episodes.

I won’t argue about counter factual history, it’s almost like arguing about detail in science fiction. It was right enough to work, it didn’t dwell on the how’s and wherefores in terms of a Nazi reich and Japaneses Empire in North America. It didn’t need to.

The tension was there in an alternate Cold War, the characters were fully credible in their world and the dilemmas that it posed.

I liked the cast, some young actors I knew not much about before seeing the show and a terrific role for Rufus Sewell. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was superb too.

I could say that the first episode was a challenge to watch as there was a lot to set up, but it absolutely paid off later in the series.

It’s questionable whether ten episodes was quite enough of a run. It certainly left me wanting more. 


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