TV – Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

First off, I never read US Comic Books as a kid, I preferred stuff like 2000AD, so I only really know the big ones that had cartoon shows in the seventies and eighties.

Jessica Jones therefore was a name I didn’t know. But, after a season of 13 episodes. I do now.

I enjoyed this series very much.

I liked Krysten Ritter’s performance as the hero. She was strong, right, wrong, smart, foolish and everything in between. 

It was compelling to watch her. The accompanying cast and their back stories were introduced well, given enough time and seemed right for the story.

At times it was an Ensemble, Jessica Jones might be the name, but the rest of the cast helped carry the stories along too.

Two known actors feature, David Tennant and Carrie-Anne Moss. I felt both were right for the show, had strong characters to play and were enjoyable to watch.

The show seemed well paced, each episode had a hook and delivered. 

Without spoiling, I’d highly recommend. I’m now tempted to check out Daredevil and I’ll be awaiting the Luke Cage series when it’s released. 

Marvel, ABC and Netflix have delivered with this show. 

I still won’t be reading the comic books though. 😉 


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