Buses and Frustration

I’ve been brewing thoughts on this for a little while. On a day to day basis, I don’t use a car, I get about by train and sometimes utilise my Zonecard to do other stuff.

It crystallised recently one weekend when I had no access to a car and I wanted to take my daughter to cinema at Braehead.

Braehead by Bus.

We took bus from Paisley, it was an overlong journey and frustrating due to traffic.

I think, the success of the Braehead centre has back bit in terms of congestion at busy periods, the journey time from either Paisley or Govan isn’t brilliant and at the times I’ve needed to shop there without the car, it’s a rigmarole getting to and from there.

I don’t think that’s a reflection on McGills as an operator and at least their vehicles were clean. There’s little they can do over roads being busy or congested.

The facilities are there in terms of bus stops and information at the eastern end of the mall. The timetabled frequency is decent, the vehicles ok.

But, it feels an age. It goes the traditional route from Paisley to Renfrew, it seems to stop a lot and getting from Renfrew to the centre seems a long time, in fact on one service the driver bypassed the first roundabout entry to Braehead and used the next access passing the centre and doubling back in. 

On the way back it was similar, felt slow and tortuous. 

Is there a way to implement bus priority on the route or dedicate a route from Braehead to Paisley, I appreciate a motorway route is unlikely to generate enough revenue for the operator, but with swathes of the Renfrew to Paisley road so wide, there must be some way to make journeys better.

The 757 Paisley Gilmour Street to Glasgow Airport.

This is a local McGill’s service that serves the housing areas north of Paisley as well as the airport.

Gripe 1.

The rear of the station at Old Sneddon Street has a bay for buses. It’s more often or not filled with cars dropping and collecting people. 

Sometimes a motorist will sit around 15 minutes. Private Hire Taxis use it as a pick up point too.

It seems regularly that the bus can’t access the recently built and improved stop and quite often people are getting on and off between cars with engines running.

(My experience is during the working week and usually from 5pm to 7pm) 

It’s not good, the parking restriction at the stop isn’t respected by drivers and there isn’t much in way of enforcement or discouragement made to drivers.

Gripe 2

The service. I get tired especially after work with my condition and it’d be a great help if I could cut out a walk on the nights that I need to use the bus or if the wind/rain is bad, which it really has been at times over this winter.

Again my experience is from between 1700 and 1900, the timetable basically isn’t worth checking. 

It’s unguessable how long the bus might be and it can easily run 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule. I’ve regularly given up on waiting and walked instead. 

I get frustrated, it gets cold, as I say I’m tired already and it’s a bit difficult at times. 

Whether it’s a schedule issue, some of the services go beyond the Airport and over to Clydebank and back.  Whether it’s route as the service is meant to go into the town centre of Paisley and then back around to the station stop using the one way system in the town centre.  The service frequency for services I want is roughly 15 minutes

I think things need to improve.

How to solve it

Firstly the enforcement of the bus parking at Old Sneddon Street.  Making it clear to motorists that it’s a bus stop first and foremost.

Secondly, timing and enforcement, I understand there are bus marshals in Paisley and I think they need to understand the way that service is running and that there is an issue for passengers. 

If the timetable cannot be kept and needs adjusted, then do so. 

If the legs running to Clydebank need more time then alter the times. 

Make changes that work.


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