The Furry Assassin (Autism)

The hero of this tale or should that be tail is the Furry Assassin, he’s a blonde furred labradoodle and he’s my furry child as he’s only 8 months old. He’s a big lad, but likes a walk, thinks I’m his dad and loves to play. He’s my first encounter with a family dog since my mum’s cocker spaniel. I call him a big galoot as he’s a nightmare sometimes if he sees other dogs or indeed any humans on his walks. He’s pretty daft as a puppy.

The idea is that he becomes a companion for my autistic son, right now I’m enjoying it as I find him calming when he sits eating his (usually disgusting) dog chews on me. He gives me a cuddle of sorts, I get licked, my hands also get softly chewed. It was worse once he was teething. A sort of dog/man bro-mance. Deeply sad, but he’s my pal and I do love him to bits even though he’s daft too.

Hopefully in time, he’ll settle and help us with my son as a companion and it’s building that relationship between them and for me just to be his walker. I think another little while and he’ll calm down and be a good influence for the boy too, but puppies are a fair bit of work.


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