A trip out

I went out today, after walking the dog, I went and got my travel ticket for the month and got the train into Glasgow. 

After months of relying on my filtered blue glasses, I used my ‘more-normal’ clear ones.

I got the train, I walked through Glasgow Central Station, it was busy as there was football at Hampden and groups going to the horse racing at Ayr. 

The city was busy too but I got through four shops, did a thing I needed doing, a few other things that I wanted/needed too. 

I switched the glasses for my blue ones on the way back. I think I did it at the right time though. 

I needed a crash out at 5pm though, I got tired,

 I forget just how much it takes to get through a day.

I forgot about how much detail is clearly there to be seen and that I take on board.

I forgot that the processing required affects my mood and abilities.

I forgot to eat something for a boost.

So, it’s nice to appear normal, but I should have switched glasses at the shops where I was talking to people or asking stuff. 

I still struggled with eye contact, probably okay in one place where the shop assistant was a younger women and its okay not to do too much with someone like that anyway, but with the male ones I maybe could have did more.

I’ll write down my experience and note it for later. I guess I learned a bit about functioning and timing.

I bumped into a friend in Paisley after doing most of the Glasgow stuff and did okay talking to her too, but I know I was tired and a bit  overloaded from earlier in the day.

Knowing the Condition..

Knowing the Condition..

Workarounds and things I can keep looking at and working on.


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