EU Referendum – Campaign Groups get formal status.

I’ve kept abreast of politics, I won’t pretend not to. I just haven’t blogged much about it.

I looked at the ‘Britain Stronger In’ website. I already know how I’m voting and it is to remain in the EU, but I cannot support the ‘official’ remain/in campaign.

It smacks of better together, it’s a vomit worthy red/white/blue ‘British’ website.

I’m not particularly a Briton in my thinking, I accept the geographic term of Britain as the main island in the British and Irish Isles. 

I’m not a fan of ‘Great’as I’ve visited Brittany and thought it was pretty good too.

But. If I am to look at the issue its a no brainer. 

I’ve only been not European for a matter of days whilst a baby. It’s been a consistent thing through my life. 

I accept metric sizes and packaging whilst stating my height in feet and inches, I’ve drank pints and travelled miles.

I don’t fear European immigrants, I’m the grandson or great grandson of Irish people. 

I would like an EU that was relevant to my day to day life. 

I dislike Scotland having a UKIP MEP. I like the idea of being a common citizen of Europe whilst I’m still a British Subject.

I see no reason to vote leave/out/no.

I want to remain a European Citizen. It’s being a British Subject that I’m wanting to change.


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