Game of Thrones S6 E1 The Red Woman

From my earlier viewing, Titles as previous seasons. 

We start at the Wall and a dead Jon Snow, his wolf howls. 

Davos Seaworth hears the howling and decides to investigate, Edd appears next with some loyal men. Both see the cross marked traitor, they then remove Jon’s body inside. 

Melisandre enters the room and looks at Jon’s body. ‘I saw him in the Flames’ – Davos answers ‘he’s gone’ she then strokes Jon’s cheeks. The remainder of the Nights Watch have a session to choose a new leader hosted by Alister Thorne. Seaworth commands Edd to fetch the wildlings to help them escape.

We go to Winterfell and past the Boltons Banner. Ramsey mourns Miranda, she’s laid on a bed when asked to burn or bury her, he says feed her to the dogs. Roose reveals he revelled against the crown to marry Ramsay to Sansa and that without Sansa and an heir, he may have to hope Lady Wanda is having a boy.

Running Sansa and Theon/Reek cross a mountain river. They’re chased by Ramsays hounds. Freezing they emerge from a river and shelter under an uprooted tree. Theon tells her to go north and faces the hounds men. The dogs find Sansa. From the woods come Brianne and Pod who fight and kill the soldiers.

 Theon saves Pod from death, as Theon using sword technique.

 Brienne swears her inevitable oath of service, Sansa seeks Theon’s nod for approval in doing so and Pod helps her with the words of the oath.

A sunspear ship approaches Kings Landing.

We see Ceresei from behind, her servant says ‘a ship’, she heads for the harbour. 

Jamie is on a barge with a coffin. Cersei’s face drops. 

Later in her chambers she talks to Jamie crying. Cersei talks of the witches prophecy. Jamie say ‘fuck fate’ and they’ve fight everyone.

A reading by the female septon in the cells of the church , but Queen Maegary demands to see her brother, The sparrow enters. He talks of the King missing her and that she need confess for him.

Dorne and Doran talks of Obyern to his widow, Elleria Sand. He is then brought a note and whilst distracted, Doran is killed by her. His big guard is also killed by the young sand snake. ‘Weak Men will never rule Dorne again.’ 

Two of the Sand Snakes then kill Trystane on a boat, arguing over who is to strike the blow.


 Tyrion and Varys walk through city, which is still a mess after the games at the stadium, Tyrion tries to help a mother of a child but she thinks Tyrion wants to buy the baby and eat it. ‘Your Valyrian is terrible’  says Varys.

A red priest preaches to a crowd ‘The night is dark and full of terrors’, a man watches he pair as they walk, Then Bells Toll. People are running from a fire at the dockside, it’s every ship in the harbour on fire.

Two men on horses in the grasslands, it’s Jorah and Dario looking for their the queen. They talk of conquering Westeros but Jorah looks at his wrist covered with grey scale and realises he might not see that day. They then come upon the grassland where Danaerys disappeared, find a dead and charred ram as a sign that the dragon has passed that way. The Khalessi had dropped her ear ring at the point she was captured.

The Dothraki lead Dany through a high desert, horsemen laugh at her white hair and pale skin. She’s bound by hand as they go to a camp. In the big tent she’s described as a witch by the Khal’s wives for her blue eyes.

 Khal Moro breaks her bonds when she says she is widow of Drogo, he is unimpressed with all her other titles and claims. She is not to be touched and to be sent to Vaes Dothrak with the other widows of the Khals

To another city, it’s blind Arya begging on a stairwell. She hears chatter. The waif talks to her briefly, then throws a parrying stick at her and then makes her stick fight. Arya takes a beating, the waif says see you tomorrow.

Castle Black again, Men with crossbows  surround outside the room that Davos is in with Jon’s body.

 Alliser Thorne threatens violence at nightfall if they don’t surrender, Davos knows that opening the door would be their certain death. ‘Edd is our only hope, but there’s always the red woman’ 

Melisandre sits by a fire, then looks at a mirror and strips naked, she looks sad and removes her necklace. She looks at mirror again as a naked saggy crone. She turns away to sleep.  


Sansa and Theon now have heavy back up in Brienne and Pod. I’d wager on them being wall bound.

Speaking of back up, once Edd gets big Tormund and the wildlings to Castle Black, who’d you bet on?

Yup the Frosties turning up again before there’s some serious killing.

Ramsey and Roose are fucked, but when and how. It might be a slow burner, we might see some politicking with the smaller northern houses, but how will that play out?

Melisandre doesn’t give up. I’m inclined to think Davos might give her a kick on too. Is she the crone that predicted the fate of Cersei?

I’d give Jon Snow one more episode as a corpse. After that he’s gotta wave his fancy sword at the Frosties.

Danaerys is off to Horse Town, but after a bit of ritual humiliation, she’ll get the Dothraki all together and ready to ride. Varys’ little birds will sort out the pesky Sons of Harpy. Tyrion needs some ruling practice.

Blind Arya. Stick fighting genius. That lassie won’t take a beating, well a bit first.

We need the Ironborn back!

We’re told that Stannis is dead, but would Brienne really kill him? 

Dorne. It’s all kicked off, but where are the blokes? 

But Sam Tarly.. Oldtown or too his family? 


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