Workarounds and Life Hacks… (Autism)

Saw some great tips the other day and like anything else it’s easy to see someone else say it and then say duh.

Two that I use were mentioned, taking off glasses and using sunglasses indoors. 

I trialled and errored with sunglasses indoors as I found lighting in my workplace was often upsetting me. 

Taking glasses off can give you a break from sensory stimuli too, but and from experience, it’s worth remembering not to do stuff like crossing roads or making food. 

Natural Daylight is your friend and unless it’s causing glare, then go with it, even at low levels in a room.

Learning about glare, lux and stuff can help, biggest help for me was coloured lenses from a specialist.

Sound. Get kids ear protectors. Sometimes you can use these as a sensory chill out tool. Even when it’s quiet or night time, it filters out background stuff.

Headphones and EarPods are more complicated. 

I plug in at work when I need to concentrate or feel stressed, sometimes noise of voices can carry across the room I work in, so I’m lucky I’m okay to use them. 

Obviously if you answer a phone or deal face to face with public that’s a different script.

Eating/Drinking. My experience is that it’s difficult to follow a diet or work at any weight loss by cutting out foods, it’s not quite the situation where you need certain foods, everyone will be different. 

I know I need the boost from Sugared Soft Drinks and I don’t make apologies for buying and drinking them. 

Yes, it’s a quick hit of calories and energy but I can get drained during a day and if I need a nudge, I like to have something handy, especially if I’ve not slept well. 

Coffee can help too although I’m trying to be better at consuming less throughout the day.

In terms of Food, I’ll eat chocolate bars, biscuits, snacks to keep going, there are healthier alternatives and that’s part of my ongoing learning.

Alcohol. I’ve a thing about drinking on my own, I won’t really drink in my home environment unless I have company, I like pubs, but there’s sensory issues there too in busier bars with music, lighting and multiple conversations. 

I do find sometimes a little drink can help with anxiety or loosen me up, but it’s worth remembering that inappropriate stuff or outburst stuff more likely to happen too, it depends who you’re with and where you are.

Sometimes the quiet village pub is far better than busy city bars. Same applies with a few places. 

Difficult to know until you experience, somewhere ideal might fall down on light, sound or smell. Proximity to people and other stuff that’s impossible to pin down as a factor. 

I don’t have a plan for Smells that I don’t like. My tactic with that is to leave the room.

For social stuff, I have no great ideas, I’m presently not doing great with that and trying to work on it. Small Talk is doable, but it’s knowing just a phrase will do 


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