Game of thrones S6 E2 Home

The Far North

A crow cawing.. The seers. 

Bran sees Winterfell, but with his uncle  Benjen and father Ned as kids sparring. We see his aunt Lyanna enter the yard on a horse. Hodor as a child possibly? Called Wylis? 

Next Bran sees the forest child as he returns out the vision .

The three eyed Raven tells him  ‘If you stay too long under the sea you drown’ 

Myera is outside brooding. bran tells her ‘The three eyed Raven says there’s a war coming.’ Meera remains unimpressed

The forest child says Bran needs Meera. She still looks still sadly across the snow affected by the place and loss of her brother.

Castle Black and times up for Ser Davos inside the room with Jon’s body.

Thorne is outside with men. He offers ridiculously generous terms to Davis to surrender.

The Night Watch  start to hack in the door. The direwolf Ghost growls, but then there’s a crash at the gate. 

It’s the Wildlings led by Dolorious Ed and Thormund with big Wun Wun crashing the gate. 

Thorne is confronted and The Nights Watch stand down. There’s no appetite for a fight.

Thormund sees Jon’s body – ‘Took a lot of knives’ 

Next to Kings Landing.

A man tells a bawdy tale about Cersei.

He goes to piss against a wall, the huge knight Ser Strong, stands behind him and when the man turns, Strong kills him with a single punch with his mailed fist.

Cersei has been forbidden from Mycella’s funeral by the King. 

Next Tommen and Jamie talk over Mycella’s body. 

Tommen can’t go to Cersei as he did nothing to protect his mother and wife from the Faith. 

Jamie tells Tommen to see his mother and just at that point, the High Sparrow enters. Tommen leaves.

Jamie talks of the sins he’s committed and confronts the High Sparrow asking what he has to fear. The room then fills with the sparrow’s henchmen. Jamie threatens him again but the Sparrow talks of building a strong empire with him.

Tommen and Cersei. The hair colour, not just blond but almost with a red tinge. They hug, but you know Cersei will have a price for her humiliation.


Tyrion in the pyramid as he addresses Dany’s other advisors including Grey Worm, Missandi and Varys he talks of the burned ships. The other cities in Slavers Bay are back under the rule of the former masters.

‘I drink and I know things’ says Tyrion.

But the two dragons in the vault of the pyramid have refused to eat since Danerys left.

Tyrion and Varys nervously go to the dragons. Tyrion says they are intelligent and that he plans to free them. 

He talks gently with the dragons and tells a tale about dragons when he was a child whilst freeing their chains, the second one growls but then lies down to allow Tyrion to free the bolt.

‘Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face’ he tells Varys upon leaving the Vault.


The Waif returns with the stick to Arya.  

‘What’s your name? I don’t believe that, you don’t believe that.’ Are the Waif’s replies to Arya’s claim to be ‘no-one’ 

Arya takes another beating and then the waif vanishes with Arya striking back in frustration at thin air.

Jacqen appears. He’s asks Arya to say her name for shelter, food, then her sight. She repeats that A girl has no name. He walks away with her. 


Lord Karstark reports on the hunters that died chasing Sansa and Theon to Roose and Ramsay. They surmise that they are headed for Castle Black and to Jon Snow.

The Maester then enters to announce that Lady Walda had given birth to a boy. 

Roose is delighted.

Ramsay is shocked, he freezes for a second or two, but then hugs Roose. He draws him close,then stabs him and kills him. 

He orders the Maester to say Roose was poisoned in Raven letters to the other Houses.

Walda brings the child to Ramsay, he’s asks to hold the child. Wanda then asks Ramsay where Lord Bolton is, he gets her to follow him to the kennels.

‘Where is Lord Bolton?’

‘I am Lord Bolton’ he replies 

she begs for her life. ‘It’s your brother.’

‘I prefer being an only child.’ Is Ramsay’s cold reply.

He whistles the dogs and they savage mother and child.

In The Forest, Brienne explains her sighting of Arya to Sansa, She in turn won’t talk of her experience at Winterfell when Brienne asks.

Theon is contrite when talking to Sansa but he won’t go to the Wall, he asks for a horse as says he’ll go home.

The Iron Islands

Yara reads a Raven message about Deepwood Mott. Balon talks to her about the loss of their holdings on Westeros 

They talk of the war of Five Kings. 

Balon tries to cross the rope bridge between the castle buildings, but a hooded man blocks his path. 

‘Move you fool, let your King pass’

 It’s Euron, his brother.

‘I am the Drowned God, I mock the Drowned God. I am the storm, brother and you’re in my way.’

Balon mocks Euron for losing his mind at sea and cutting the tongues from his crew who saw it.

Balon is thrown off the bridge.

Yara attends the Drowned God funeral for Balon. He’s stoapped to weighted wood and sent to Sea.

She says to the drowned priest, her uncle Aeron, that her father wished her to rule, he tells her there must be a Kingsmoot.

Castle Black.

Melisandre stares into the fire. Davos enters her room.

‘It’s about the Lord Commander’ she corrects him, ‘The Former  Lord commander’

 He asks if she can bring back Jon. She talks of what she’s seen but is doubtful 

Davos tells her of what he’s seen her do. She says she’s lost her faith in the Lord of Light.

‘Fuck him. I’m asking the woman that showed me miracles exist’

Next she cleans Jon’s naked bloody body and puts his hair in the fire. Says a spell in Valyrian, she is nervous and hesitant touching Jon’s body. She speaks rapidly and whispers. She even says please in the common tongue.

Unsuccessful, She turns to Davros, Thormund scoffs and leaves, Edd quietly leaves too.

Davos waits and leaves last. 

Defeated. Melisandre leaves too.

Then the sleeping direwolf Ghost rises and wakens and so too does Jon Snow.


The Kingsmoot will rock. Euron and Yara meeting will be fun as will Aeron. Will Theon return in time? Clearly Theon is guilty for betraying Robb, he’s guilty about Bran and Rickon too.Euron should be a crowd pleaser and I’m delighted Pilou Asbaek is playing him as I was a fan of Borgen. Although Yara remains possibly the top women in leather on the show.

Ramsay didn’t disappoint with his deeds this week, but can he hold the North, never mind get Sansa back?

Sansa and Brienne are a pairing. She’s learned her craft, Brienne will protect her. Sansa knows Arya is alive, but can she make it to Castle Black? 

Bran’s vision was interesting but didn’t develop the plot, even although seeing his father, uncle and aunt was very good. I expect his next vision to be more involving/direct to the plot.

Tyrion’s talk to the dragons in the dungeon was fascinating but can he control them? Clearly Tyrion and Varys need to get going to save Dany’s rule of the city, but how do they make that interesting?

Key scene was between Jamie and the High Sparrow. A deal will be done after Myrcella’s funeral, although Cersei’s reanimated knight will be an issue. A fairly lengthy sequence in kings Landing  but subtle enough.

I think we expected Jon to be revived, it was inevitable and I’m not saying that in a bad way.

I think we might not see Castle Black next week as two scenes this week, but still need reactions of Davos and Melisandre.

No Dany 0r Jorah or Daario this week. Suggesting we’re off to the city of horses next week.

Thankfully no Dorne after last week’s crapfest and I wonder how that’s going to be addressed.

No sign of Stannis. (Boo!)


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