S6 E3 Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker

Where do I start?

Bran’s vision of The Tower of Joy was startling and he’s now seen the Truth behind the story Ned told. The lingering shot on Arthur Dayne’s sword though.. Hmm, I can think of at least one question. 

We also saw Howland Reed. Someone mentioned much in book  but never seen and subject of a few theories.

Jon’s reawakening and  reunion with Edd and Thorgun was a bit good. But it seems Davos Seaworth is the wisdom, Melisandre the power perhaps there.

Gilly and Sam on the show again at long last! 

Dany making it to the Dothraki horse town and its consequences for a former Khalessi, Interesting but we’ve an idea where that’s headed.

The Sparrow and the King? Talk of The Mother and Cersei and Tommen’s resolve crumbles, yet without too much mention of his own queen.

The nonsense of the small council with or without Cersei and Jamie gives a talking point. Politics are still at play in King’s Landing and Jamie’s return strengthens Cersei’s position for the Lannister cause, but there’s no doubt the Tyrell’s won’t bend easily to them.

Varys working his magic in Mereen  was very good scene and beautifully played.

 At King’s Landing Qyburn is trying to use Varys’s little birds but the monster of the reanimated Gregor Clygane might not help.

Blind Arya. The Waif. More beatings, more sticks. Lovely visuals in that scene.

Questioned by the Waif on her list of death. Her family, The Hound.

A girl with no name masters the sticks. The water from the pool in the house of Black and White restores her sight. Normally it kills those that want to die.

Osha and Rickon? Where had they been? And what’s Ramsay going to do with them now he has them.

Jon’s watch is ended?  Well technically it ended with his death as per the Oath of the Night’s Watch. 

Although he gave a good hanging though. And, yes, the lad bloody well deserved it for getting stabby.

Comment and Speculation.
Quite a few scenes ahead of the books, especially with Bran’s vision revealing what actually happened at the Tower of Joy fight between Ned’s posse and the fabled knights of the old Kingsguard. 

Arya’s progress is beyond the book as is Jon and Rickon

Dany reaching the horse town is a big development too, but where’s that dragon of hers? It seems the likeliest solution to her problem

No Pyke and the Ironborn, but revelations to come there and will Theon make it in time for the drama of the Kingsmoot?

No Daario and Jorah this week, again we presume they’ve simply followed the trail made by the Hordes. Will either of them really save Dany?

Oldtown will be a revelation to come as will the Citadel of the Maesters as well as the Tarley family home. Presumably that too is sooner rather than later.

No Brienne and Sansa, we guess at them heading toward the wall.

Has Ramsay Bolton been given a gift too far? His hold on the North must be tenuous but, he’s getting what he wants, Is it a trap?

The pace for the season is set. There are set pieces to come.


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