Game of Thrones S6 E4 – Book of the Stranger.

We start at Castle Black, Dolorious Edd is with Jon. Arguing about him going south. Edd is concerned about what is coming from the north. 

A sound disturbs their conversation. 
It’s Sansa and Brienne riding through the gates. Yay. 

Jon and Sansa! Hugs. Then soup and talking. 

Jon doesn’t want another fight, he’s had enough. Sansa wants the Wildfolk for retaking Winterfell.

Outside and Melisandre and Davos are talking, says she now serves Jon Snow. Ser Davos is disturbed by the answer.

Brienne admits to killing Stannis in front of Melisandre and Davos, she reminds them she was one of Renly’s Kingsguard and that she’s not forgetten how Renly died. 

Both Davos and Melissandre served Stannis in creating the shadow.

Littlefinger returns to The Vale and in a few minutes gives a present to the young Lord and also turns his venom upon Lord Royce and manipulates the young Lord Arryn to get the Knights of the Vale to go to war to help ‘his cousin’ Sansa. 

To Mereen and Tyrion is trying diplomacy in the absence of Dany. 

No one really agrees with his deal with the other cities of Slaver’s Bay. 

Grey Worm and Missandri aren’t convinced by his deal but back him in public in the throne room of the pyramid.

In Essos Jorah and Daario climb through hills looking for Dany, they agree their truce as they look down on the Khal horse city. Jorah gets him to disarm to ensure they comply with Dothraki custom but he shows Daario his grayscaled arm when he does so. 

They enter horsey city in the dark, there’s shagging in the streets and a noisy drunken drumming party. 

Jorah has to fight after he’s not believed when he says he’s a trader to questioning blood riders.

Daario saves him using his hidden knife, but as knifes are forbidden he uses a rock to try to hide the way he killed the man that attacked Jorah.

Dany walks out of the hut with a Lazareen Khalessi and bumps into Jorah and Daario and she tells them she has a better plan than theirs to escape.

Then to Kings Landing and the young Queen Margaery is brought out of her cell and to the High Sparrow. He asks her who she would seek if she was released. She says her brother, her family and her husband. 

The sparrow tells a story of being a cobbler and about clothes and finery. He explains how he left that life for the faith.

He then allows Margaery to go see her brother.

Loras is in a cell too and clearly has been beaten. Margaery tells him to be strong and not to give up. He is broken and just wants it all to stop.

Cersei then comes upon the Grand Maester talking to King Tommen about the High Sparrow. 

He talks of Margery , Cersei talks of the High Sparrow knocking everything down. 

‘I am your mother, you can always trust me.’

 Tommen then reveals to her details of his conversation with the High Sparrow

Jamie and Cersei talk to the Queen of Thorns and Kevan Lannister in the small council room. It starts badly with mistrust between them.

They agree Margaery should not do the walk of shame as Cersei had to.

They propose the Tyrell army takes the city and the Lannister forces stand down whilst the faith is dealt with.

To the sea and a boat approaches Pyke with Theon, he then enters the castle and approaches his sister, Yara.

She asks if he was let go by Ramsay, he says no, that he escaped. 

She’s angry at the previous escape attempt that he betrayed and the loss of her men in her attempt to free Theon.

He insists he doesn’t know about the Kingsmoot and he’s not there to claim the kingship for himself 

Yara forces him to say what he does want. Theon says he can help her rule.

Ramsay Bolton is at Winterfell with a knife eating an apple.

Osha is made to enter his room in a tunic, he questions her on Rickon. 

She says she’s old and just wanted a price for Rickon. 

She tries to seduce him and sits on his cock. 

Ramsay says he made Theon talk too and he knows what was agreed between them when the boys were released. and he then knifes her in the neck before she can reach to another knife on a nearby table to stab him. 

Osha looks dead on the floor, he cut her cartoid, a precise and neat kill.

Ramsay cleans his knife and starts on another apple.

Back at Castle Black and Sansa is eating with Jon and others.

A letter arrives from a Bolton messenger for Jon Snow. It’s a provocation from Ramsay. 

Thorgun asks how many men does Ramsay have. Sansa says 5,000.

Thorgun reckons on 2,000 men. Sansa convinces Jon that the men of the north would rally to him too. 

We may yet see how the northerners that have pledged to Ramsay react to Sansa and Jon coming south toward Winterfell.

Back in the horse town, Vaes Dothrak the Khals talk about the man that was broken with the rocks by Daario.

Dany is brought to the Khals. They talk in Dothraki about her fate and say the wise masters of Yunkai have offered 6,000 horses for her.

Dany says she knows where this is, she recognises the hut they are in from her previous visions. She speaks in front of the Khals, says they are small men and that she’ll lead the Dothraki. 

The Khals say she’ll get fucked by them and their blood riders and even their horses and that she’s crazy. 

She burns the hut by tipping over stands with flames the fire spreads for her, killing the Khals as they attempt to escape, it seems to do as she wills it to do.

The hut is completely ablaze and people run to see but it is well on fire, and a larger and larger crowd gathers outside.

They know that the Khals had been meeting in the hut, they are nothing can be done. 

Dany walks unharmed and naked out of the blaze.

All the Dothraki bow down to her. As do Jorah and Daario, Jorah’s slightly less amazed than Daario though.


No Arya or Bran this week. No Sam and Gilly either. 

Book of the Stranger is a reference to the faith of the seven gods that the High Sparrow has taken over Kings Landing with. It may also refer to Tyrion in Mereen, to Jon Snow’s reappearance or Sansa entering Castle Black. It may also refer to the return of Littlefinger to The Vale.

Littlefinger and the Vale hints on some of the developments in the books although Jon and the wildlings heading south from Castle Black would be a departure.

The Arryns and forces of the Vale are a new factor. They have sat out of the war of the five kings and have a strong army.

Kings Landing seems to be heading for a straightforward fight between the Faith and the forces of the Tyrell’s and Lannisters. It may not be that simple.

Yara and Theon might not be enough for the Ironborn. Theon is clearly broken as his tears in front of Yara indicated Their uncle is slightly unhinged though and will stop at nothing for power.

Sansa is going to be the force behind Jon, she has drive and purpose from her previously hellish experiences. 

We can be pretty certain of Melisandre and Davos serving Jon too. Brienne has sworn to Sansa, but will serve Jon.

Ramsay’s letter is a similar vehicle to one in the books, although in that he is taunting Stannis. That letter was much analysed but I think the show is much more straightforward than the books and there’s less of a chance of dubiety. Ramsay is taunting Jon Snow that he holds the Stark Heir.

A Tyrell takeover of Kings Landing might be interesting. The Faith would not let go of their power easily. I think there’s a element of double dealing to come, Tommen has broken his promise to the High Sparrow.

Dany with the Dothraki as Khalessi might solve her issues in Mereen. We’re still dragonless though and she’s not closer to Westeros but further away.. 


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