Game of Thrones S6 E5 – The Door.

Sansa receives Crow Mail at Castle Black

This time it’s a singing bird on the seal, Littlefinger wants to meet her at Moles Town.

She goes with Brienne of Tarth to confront him. Littlefinger says he’s brought the Army of The Vale. 

She repeats to him ‘what do you think he did to me’ – referring to the marriage to Ramsay,  she calls him a brothel keeper. She threatens to use Brienne to kill him.

Before leaving, he claims that Brynden ‘Blackfish’ has retaken Riverrun. 

and the house of Black and White. 

Stick fighting and Arya and the Waif. 

‘You’re not ready’ teases the Waif. 

She faces Arya without a stick and throws a decent punch before taunting her as ‘Lady Stark’ 

Jaquen appears and says ‘she has a point’ he talks of the faceless men and the gift and the founding of Bravos but gives her a mission to kill an actress and makes clear that this is her second chance. There won’t be a third. 

Next to the ‘mummers’ show in their theatre, it’s open air and a crowd has gathered. It’s a bawdy show mocking her father and events in Westeros with Robert Ned, Cersei Joffrey and Tyrion portrayed on the stage.

Arya is disquieted and struggles with the show, it includes a scene where mummer Sansa’s breasts are exposed by mummer Tyrion.

 Arya watches the backstage activities of the actors she reports back to Jaquen in the house of black and white whilst he prepares a body and tells her a girl must decide.

The forest and Bran. A vision amongst a circle standing stones and a red weirwood tree.

 A group of children of the forest talk in the stones and then one stabs a man through the chest, his eyes go deep blue. 

Bran comes out the vision and sees Leaf and says ‘it was you, you made the white walkers’

To Iron Islands,  Damphair starts the Kingsmoot.
 Yara Greyjoy makes the first claim

‘A woman will not lead us’ – ‘you are Balon’s heir’ – to Theon.

Theon walks forward – ‘she is your rightful leader. This is our queen. She was here, she led.’

Euron enters ‘I claim the Salt Throne’ 

Euron admits to killing Balon. 

‘Whilst you were Gallavanting – Yara was here’ 

Euron turns it around . 

‘I’ve been Across the seas, around the world’ , he talks of dragons and conquering Westeros and of gallivanting to Daenyrys Targaryen with the fleet.

Next Euron is drowned by Damphair 

Yara and Theon run through passages to her boats. 

Euron is drowned and brought to shore, 

Yara and Theon and their crews have sailed.

The Iron Born watch as he gasps, coughs and lives, 
Damphair doesn’t revive him, he only watches,then crowns Euron.

‘Where are my niece and nephew? – lets go murder them’

‘They stole our best ships’

‘Give me 1000 ships, I’ll give you the world’
Essos To Dany looking over horse town, she faces Jorah and Daario.

I banished you twice, you came back twice. 

He reveals his grayscale to her. She is shocked to see his arm. 

‘I’ll end things before it gets to that. Tyrion was right I love you I’ll always love you.’ He turns to leave.

‘Jorah the Andel, don’t walk away from your queen – I command you to heal yourself and return to me. I need you by my side when I rule Westeros’ 

The khalessi and her horde leave horse town. Jorah departs for elsewhere.
Mereen and Tyrion. The Sons of Harpy have stopped their killing and there’s peace in Mereen.

Tyrion says they need to convince the people that peace is from their queen.

Tyrion then meets a red priestess, Kinvara, in the pyramid chamber. 

He says I need you to persuade, she says I don’t need to persuade you. 

The long bridge of Volantis is mentioned. She speaks of Dany, but Varys intervenes and talks of Stannis.

She talks of honest servants making mistakes, she knows of Varys’s castration and the words that were said when his pieces was thrown into the fire.

‘We serve the same queen you have nothing to fear from me’

Varys is clearly perturbed at her knowledge.
The Forest. Tree roots and Bran he throws a stick at the Three Eyed Raven, who is already in a trace and Bran is bored and crawls off to have a vision on his own.

It’s the weirwood tree again but this time covered in snow and he turns and sees an army but it’s standing dead people, the wights.

Bran walks through this army eventually he sees the horsemen and the blue eyed Night King who can see him and closes to touch Bran.

The touch is the Night King’s Mark.

‘He knows where you are. You must become me’

‘I’m not ready.’

‘No you’re not.’
To Castle Black. A map of the North on the table. The Umbers, Karstarks and other northern families are discussed. 

Davos advises Sansa not to trust those that Ramsay has on side and to gather the smaller clans. ‘I may not know the north but I know men’

Sansa reveals about Blackfish and the Tullys but she claims Ramsay had a Raven rather than saying Littlefinger told her.and later in private gives Brienne a mission to go to Riverrun.

‘He’s my brother he’ll keep me safe’

‘So why did you lie about Riverrun.’ Brienne fears Jon, Big Tormund, but especially the Red Priestess and Davos as those who made the shadow that killed Renly.

Before they depart Jon receives a new cloak from Sansa. It’s a Stark one. ‘Like fathers’

Edd Tollet is now Lord Commander of the Nights Watch. He is addressed as such by one of the men when asked to close the gate. He’s surprised.

At the Forest. The Night King appears with his army of wights and three other white walkers , Meera Blanches and runs to get Bran out.

‘Get Bran and run’ – he’s in a vision at Winterfell – Ned being sent to be fostered at the Vale by his father, Bran’s grandfather.

The wights can’t get into the tree/root system as a fire ring from Leaf and the children of the forest stops them but the Night King and the blue eyed White Walkers can get through.

The children of the forest and Myeera fight killing a white walker ‘Bran we need Hodor, you must warg’

They run through the passage. The group of wights go around the fire and rip down the tree and enter from above.

The other three White Walkers go to kill the Three Eyed Raven who is in the vision at Winterfell with Bran.

Leaf sacrifices herself and uses her fire bomb to hold the wights off. Hodor forces opens the escape door and tries to close it behind. 

Bran sees young Hodor again. In the past Wylis has a fit. ‘Hold the Door’ becomes ‘hodor’ . The wights get their hands through the door trying to kill Hodor.

 Meera and Bran  escape. Bran still in the vision.


No Kings Landing. Which actually was nice. No Sam though.

Littlefinger and Sansa. Is Bryden Tully alive? Has he retaken Riverrun? We know Littlefinger can’t be trusted and Sansa spurned his offer of an army. Brienne could be in danger, but the return of Blackfish would be glorious and revenge on the Red Wedding would be rather good too.

The reveal on the blue eyed creation of the Children of the Forest being used in their ancient fight against Men is more than interesting,  as the books sort of allude to a possible connection between the Starks and the Night King. Before the Targaryen conquest of Westeros, the Starks were Kings of the North and there seemed to be a back story about a female white walker seducing an ancient Stark. The show’s take on it, speeds the narrative and does make sense though.

Hodor’s ‘HoldtheDoor’ is sad and tragic, it’s a huge reveal given Hodor has been known to us from the start of the books/show and we find out that his fate is cast by Bran in a vision going back to his father’s childhood and not coming out of the vision to help Meera in the here and now. Whether Bran could come out the vision is debatable and questions maybe are in terms of what are the extent of Bran’s powers and can he interfere in past events? 

It’s a relief that Bran’s tale is finally speeding up though.

These scenes are beyond the book as is most of the episode, I’d hesitate to say ‘original content’ as the show’s producers do have access to George Martin and some scenes are likely to be in the forthcoming book. 

Only the Kingmoot, but told in a different way, I can recall reading was a book scene.

Tyrion and Varys and a new ‘hawt’ Red Priestess. Some interesting phrases used about Dany and her dragons and a strong counter by Varys in talking of Melisandre, but he is completely blown off his argument once she talks of his castration as a child. Probably the cleverest part of the episode and really interesting dialogue. Obviously there’s more to come but, The Lord of Light and Prince that was promised is an important thread in the books and whilst Dany might be some of the things the Red Priestess in Mereen sees, I doubt that the Khalessi can or would submit too much to what they want of her.

Jorah on a quest to heal himself. Dany and her Dothraki horde on the move. I’m no fan of the Ser Friendzone chat online, as Jorah himself has a backstory as a knight who won favour of a beautiful women and was spurned by her. He was cast out of the Seven Kingdoms after indulging in Slaving to gain money. His family in the books are important to he fate of the North and his tale, whilst wrapped in Dany’s also has a twist, he has been seeking redemption, he spied on Dany, he came back to her before too. It’s much more subtle and layered in the books and whilst sending him off to perhaps elsewhere in Essos could become a plot point in the show, it may well be the last we see of Jorah Mormont.

I loved The Kingsmoot and Euron and Yara. Theon’s loyalty to his sister near won it. But ‘Gallavanting’ was clearly Euron’s in. The staging and timing in the books are different and I actually prefer the way this has worked in terms of the show. Although I miss The Reader, who is Yara’s maternal uncle and a more subtle and learned counterpoint to the unsubtle ways of the Ironborn. 

The stick fight and punch of the waif were good and it’s clear Arya is now facing the big choice to commit as a faceless ‘man’. The play by the Mummers, had to include Ned and Sansa being mocked and although Arya thinks she can become an assassin, the roots of her family massively conflict with what she’s trying to do.

Episode Six is called Blood of my Blood, I’ll speculate on family and death as the subjects and we’ll be returned to King’s Landing. Now we are beyond the halfway point of the season I’m hoping for some set piece scenes to drive on the story.


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