The Tunnel / The Bridge (TV)

(I’m assuming that you’ve seen both Season 3 of The Bridge and The Tunnel:Sabotage)
Saga or Elise? Is there really an answer?

I like them both, they both show the fragility of their situation and the conflict within them.

I think there’s great praise needed for Clemence Poesy in tackling a role where people had some expectations from the earlier seasons of The Bridge.

Saga was a little different in the latest season, her attachment to Martin, the loss of Hans and trying to take on board Henrik. 

Elise hadn’t seen Karl for a year, she takes her time with him, dealing with a child for information is near impossible for her, but in some ways her situation is less guarded than Saga, less withdrawn and possibly a bit better with people, her excellent English sometimes gets past the social difficulties but Karl takes quite a protective and helpful view of her. 

Karl’s stability, even whilst having his difficulties with his wife and a stalking horse from his past, were key to Elise. Different to the first season and at times the deadpan conversations between Karl and Elise about their home lives are enjoyable.

For Saga, Henrik’s difficulties weren’t immediately apparent and her presence helped him with the ghosts of his ‘missing’ family. 

Their relationship as partners took time to build and we were shown how Saga couldn’t cope with certain people before Henrik volunteered himself for the case.

Saga’s difficulties magnified with the loss of Hans and the reappearance of her mother. Certainly she was thrown by emotion, guilt, feelings and her reaction to that.

The storylines in both series were strong, I think there’s high praise due for Sky in commissioning a second season of The Tunnel and having the creativity to run with their show and I think they’ve created a gem in terms of this years new TV Drama.

The Bridge season three had a big issue in terms of Martin and the ending to season two. 

I think it did get there in the end but in establishing Henrik, the flow of the story suffered a bit. I still believe it’s as strong a show as we’ve seen on BBC4 this year. I was a fan of ‘Follow the Money’ and it was a grower, but not quite The Bridge.

I think Sky must go for a third season of The Tunnel, they have taken a twist on The Bridge and made something more coherent and absorbing than the US Remake. In fact, The Tunnel is original, clever and interesting in its own right.

I’m unsure if there’s going to be another season of The Bridge. The ending from season three placed both Henrik and Saga outside their police jobs, can that deftly be reconciled without reference to where and how and why Henrik’s family disappeared. 


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