Potential Spoilers!!  – Game of Thrones s6 e7 trailer breakdown 

S6 E7 is titled ‘The Broken Man’

“The High Sparrow eyes another target. Jaime confronts a hero. Arya makes a plan. The North is reminded.”
That’s the official synopsis, but..  There’s an epic trailer for next Monday’s episode.

Blackfish! Wahey

Now the collar armour detail suggests the lads behind him are Tully. But what of the Brotherhood without Banners? 

The sequence of the siege at Riverrun is different to the books, in the show, the Blackfish attends the Red Wedding, but goes for a piss, before the Freys get a bit stabby. Presumably he rallied those loyal to Robb Stark in the Riverlands, there were the remains of Robb’s Northern Army as well as the guerilla Brotherhood. 

And Jamie Lannister rocked up in lion armour for the siege. He’s not kings guard, but House Lannister. 

“As long as I’m standing, the War isn’t over” Jamie is certainly confronting a hero.

Poor Edmure Tully. Same guy that killed his sister? Caitlin Stark?

Who arrives up at a siege wearing shoes like that? And who are the dead people?

Bronn!! (At a different piece of trailer though)

Sansa’s crow mail using Stark seal, but what’s it say?

” I did what I had to do to Survive. I will always be a Stark” is her quote in the trailer.

Mailed fist? Glover? (Tim McInnery?) in theory it should be Robett as his brother Galbert is seeking the Howland Reed of crannogmen of the neck, but it’s the show. I’m guessing Sansa has journeyed to Deepwood Motte, it is south from Castle Black but northwest of Winterfell.

Bear? Mormont? 

If it is Bear Island, then remember that Jorah, it’s former Lord was banished to Essos and is now off seeking his grayscale cure. The Old Bear,  Jeor, was the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and Jon Stark now carries Longclaw his valyrian steel sword.

 The head of the house in the books is Maege Mormont, Jorah’s Aunt and Jeor’s sister, but she was also sent to the Neck to seek the Crannogmen, so it could be Alysane Mormont. 

‘We’ve walked being the living and the dead and make no mistake, the dead are coming for us’ is the quote from  Davos Seaworth on the soundtrack of the trailer. He’s addressing who though?

it is northwest of Deepwood Motte.

Where are Theon and Yara? She says:- ‘ We’ll take back the iron islands, then we’ll get revenge’ – my guess is Volantis, the largest of the free cities, that could be the long bridge. A fairly long journey for them to make.

I neglected to grab a shot of Cersei Lannister and Olenna Tyrell. But clearly they need a plan to sort out Tommen and Maegary 

“Our two ancient houses face collapse because of your stupidity”- more scheming, but harsh words from the Queen of Thorns.

Another clip in the trailer had:- “He died for us, if we’re not willing to do the same for him, we’re cowards” Tormund to presumably just his Wildlings, but that could be to a wider audience.


We didn’t see the Stark grouping in the previous episode, so Jon, Sansa and Davos balance this. Presumably Melisandre and Pod are with them. Lady Brienne is headed for Riverrun and its siege and eventually Jamie Lannister. 

Jamie Lannister must be nearing the redemptive part of his character on the show, I’m wondering the effect of a straight arrow like Blackfish on him and if he also meets Brienne. 

We’ve not covered Arya, who the synopsis says is making a plan and presumably hiding from The Waif.

The High Sparrow and goings on in Kings Landing, presumably Loras Tyrell meets his fate?


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