Game of Thrones – s6 e7 – The Broken Man.

The Riverlands

A tower/church being built and Ian McShane’s priest right behind it all.

Men carrying a large tree trunk and one drops it. The camera shows the long hair of a tall man..

YAS! It’s the only  blooming Hound!!!!!!!!


It’s the Hound chopping the wood, Lovejoy the Priest talks to him. They have a conversation about who chopped him down, the hound says angrily ‘it was a women’ – I was gonna give you a burial then you coughed. What kept you going? 


‘Gods ain’t done with you yet.’

The priest calls the Hound by his real name Sandor Clegane. 

The hound rants on about the gods, the priest tells him he’s alive for some purpose. 

Kings Landing
The basement of the sept. Marjorie reading the book of seven, the high sparrow says about falseness after she recites a verse back to him. The point of him a being there was to get her to have congress with The King. He goes on to talk of the Queen of Thorns. 

Next, Marjorie goes to the Queen of Thorns with ‘her’ Septa. 

The Queen of Thorns rants at her, but Marjorie tells her to leave for Highgarden but in doing so sticks something between her grandmothers legs. It’s a drawing of a rose, the Tyrell crest. 

Did the tall septa see the paper get passed?

The North.

The free folk talk about taking Winterfell as it wasn’t the deal they made originally. Jon Snow addresses them, ‘they’ll come for you after they come for me.’

Wun Wun simply says Snow. Others shake Jon’s hand. The Free Folk will do it. Tormund says ‘we’re not fancy like you Southerners, when we says we’ll do something we’ll do it’

Kings Landing

Olenna’s Tyrell’s house.

Cersei and Robert Strong go to the Queen of Thorns. 

‘I hear you’re leaving’

‘We must work together’

The Queen of Thorns tells Cersei she’s lost and makes clear she knows the threat of the High Sparrow.

Outside Riverrun.

Riders with the Lannister banner.

Bronn comments on the state of the trenches. Jamie talks with him. Bronn is mightily pissed off at having to serve at the seige.

‘Come face us blackfish shouts one of the Freys’ ‘They intend to hand Edmure Tully’

‘We’ll hang him.’

‘Yield the Castle or I cut his throat.’ – shouts one of the Freys 

Ser Jamie we didn’t know you were coming. 

I know if we weren’t friendly we’d kill you all.

They organise the Freys siege.

Jamie and Bronn then discuss arranging a Parley with the Blackfish. Bronn mocks the chances of Jamie beating the Blackfish in a fight.

Bear Island – the very young Lyanna Mormont is in charge.

Jon Snow and Sansa ask for House Mormont’s alliengance. The girl is impressive in silencing their appeals. 

Davos steps forward and gets through with the message. The real war is between the living and the dead.

House Mormont can get them 62 men.


Jamie rides, then walks  to the end of the pontoon.

The drawbridge lowers and out walks The Blackfish. They banter in their parlay. 

Do you have two years Kingslayer.

‘Why did you talk with me then? ‘

‘Sieges are dull’

‘I wanted the measure of you, but I’m underwhelmed’

Deepwood Motte.

Lord Glover – who is fighting in this army?

‘The bulk of the forces are Wildlings.’ Admits Jon Snow.

Sansa reminds them of the pledges made to the Starks. 

‘My brother answered the call. Where was King Robb when the Ironborn took this castle’ 

‘I once served House Stark, but House Stark is dead’


The Ironborn are getting stuck into some dusky whores in the pub, even Yara! 

Yara tells Theon to drink, she reminds him he’s Ironborn. ‘I’m tired of seeing you like a beat dog. I want you back Theon.’

‘We’re gonna sail to Mereen and make a pact with this queen – are you with me, really with me?’

Theon nods. She hugs him.

Yara then says, ‘since it’s my last night ashore for a while I’m gonna fuck the tits off this one’

The North

‘It’s not what we hoped for’ admits Davos.

He then goes to break up a fight and Jon and Sansa talk more

‘It’s not enough, we need more men’ says Sansa

Jon helps Davos break the fight. Sansa sees the caged crows and then starts writing. 

The Riverlands

Lovejoy Priest preaching. He describes being a soldier in the wars and that he felt ashamed at his actions. 

It’s never too late to come back. You have to answer your prayers yourself so.

Men on horseback try to see what they can gain from them, the priest says they have nothing. 

The hound and priest argue about the men who came there.


Arya wants passage home after overhearing men talk of the Ironborn fleet in slavers bay. She walks off after offering coin enough for the Journey to Westeros.
She’s stabbed by the waif disguised as an old crone.  

Arya fights free and dives in the water.


The hound hacks through undergrowth, he has a drink but hears screaming in the distance, the village has been slaughtered by archers. The priest hung from a scaffold fro, his church.


The Hound! Clegane Bowl is on! It’s coming for Cersei’s trial, isn’t it.


No sign of Lady Brienne at Riverrun yet and if she can influence Jamie, Blackfish reminded Jamie of his oaths. An interesting Parly with Jamie reminded he’s the Kingslayer, that he made oaths as a captive to Lady Stark, that he’s a man without honour.

Arya looks like she’s done unless there’s a turn. Some stabbing by the Waif.

Not a surprise Marjory is resisting the faith, but she has warned the Queen of Thorns. Has the Septa noticed? Has the High Sparrow seen through her act? 

Yara Greyjoy gets stuck into the girls like the Ironborn do. Interesting, but more important is her plan to go to Dany. Yara thinks they can offer the Iron Fleet to Danerys before their uncle Euron can get there.

Who was the Broken Man? 

The Hound? Edmure Tully? Jamie Lannister? Theon Greyjoy? Jon Snow?

No Dany, dragon or Dothraki or Mereen this week.

No Bran and Meera and Uncle Benjen either.

Has Sansa written to Littlefinger she sorely needs the army of the Vale. What exactly has Melisandre been doing in meantime?

No Sam and Gilly? Presumably Lord Tarly is after him for the magic sword.

Progress this week, the siege of Riverrun to come, presumably with added Brienne to mix things up.

Episode Eight’s Title is ‘no-one’

Who’ll serve as No-one? Will Arya go back to the house of Black and White?

Is the Hound no-one? Will he serve the Faith?

Will no-one rally to the ‘Starks’?

Will no-one help Cersei?


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