Glasgow Terminals Capacity & SPTR

Having blogged a few weeks back with a hideous hand drawing here’s my style of network drawing.

The Green Line is Argyle Line with the connection to Partick from Exhibition Centre still existing, but a new tunnel connection to Govan Cross, the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Braehead and onto Renfrew. The Renfrew station might possibly be best described as ‘Renfrew Riverside’.

The Blue line is existing ‘North Clyde Line’ – benefit of scheme is that capacity can be increased through Partick and Hyndland corridor if the number of Argyle Line services using Partick is reduced as it increases he available signalling headway and the connection between Partick and the Argyle line can also be maintained with a Transfer by the Subway to Govan Cross.

The Red line is the Inverclyde/Ayrshire Lines between Glasgow Central and Paisley with the proposed Glasgow Airport tram-train link extended onto Renfrew. A ‘full’ connection via heavy rail between Glasgow Airport and Renfrew is not a likely proposition, although, the Airport bound Tram Trains could continue to Renfrew, Braehead the QEUH and Govan or even run back via Argyle line through Glasgow Central Low Level as a ‘Metro’ type service. 

A question might be how far the Argyle Line should extend. Renfrew at a Riverside location or onto Glasgow Airport as a full scale strategic intervention might be appropriate. 

A possible argument is that going to Renfrew offers an opportunity to extend in future to Erskine or Glasgow Airport, but an extension via tram-train at that point from the Airport to Erskine and Renfrew offers the same possibilities.

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