Games of Thrones S6 E7 – No-One. 

Apologies, Technical difficulties tonight.. 

Kings Landing

Talk, talk talk. Cersei’s big thingy kills the religious fanatics woo and indeed woo. ‘I choose violence’ and there’s a head ripped off by the dark eyed beast inside the armour

The boy King talks religion, Loras and Cersei’s trial and that he’s outlawing trials by combat. 

But mamma’s got a Franken-Knight and a fallen Maester that found out that’s found Cersei’s ‘old rumour’ to be true.

Is she mad enough? 


Edmure Tully, Blackfish. Jamie. Brienne of Tarth.  A siege.

But Pod with Bronn and learning to fight dirty after a quite fantastic bit of chat. Can’t beat Bronn. 

Jamie’s word is a theme of his conversations with Brienne and Edmure.

Blackfish doesn’t know Brienne and doesn’t trust her counsel and the chance to march the garrison away unharmed.

But ultimately Edmure is a weakened turncoat and the castle surrenders to the Lannisters.

Jamie waves to Brienne from the tower as she is rowed to safety by Pod. She retains her magic sword too.


Tyrion walks with Varys and sees the effects of the Red Priestess on the city. Varys is still concerned, but he’s off to find someone or is he?

Tyrion also tries to get conversation and jokes from Missandri and Grey Worm after drinking some wine.

But the old masters have a fleet and Mereen is under siege from the sea. 

A Queen returns though..

The Riverlands

Sandor Clegane is dispensing justice in the way only The Hound can.  

With a big axe and insulting those he guts from the baws up.

Reappearances for Thoros of Myr with a top knot (?) and with Beric the resurrectionist Dangermouse.

 Oooh and they wanna fight the Frosties for their Lord of Light as cold winds are rising in the North.

The Hound had a couple of classic lines ‘you fucking girl’ to the Archer and ‘I prefer chicken’ when eating with Thoros and Beric Dondarrion.

It seems he’s along with them. For now anyway.


Lady Crane finds and restores Arya with bandages, some soup and milk of the poppy.

Arya rejects her offer to join the troop and go to Pentos, she talks of what’s West of Westeros though.

But the Waif wants to ensure the many faced God gets their ‘name’ and they do with Lady Crane.

The waif wants Arya. Chase me, chase me, chase me.

Arya spectacularly trashes some fruit. 

The Waif’s bobbed hair and trousers are quite awesome . Pantaloons indeed, I liked.

But a girl.. Finally,A girl is no-one.

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and she going home.

Jacquen’s actually very proud really.. 


No far north, Uncle Coldhands and Bran

No Wall and Nights Watch but I’m sure Edd’s doing fine.

No North and Jon Snow, Sansa, Ser Davos or Melisandre.

No Sam and Gilly.

No sign of our Ironborn, either Uncle Euron or our Theon and Yara.

I think we’ve seen Jamie do his duty to Cersei at Riverrun. can he really save her from her fate in the madness of Kings Landing? 

and has he had his conscience pricked by Edmure, Brienne and the memory of Catelyn?

Catelyn Stark was mentioned much. Interesting.

Brienne and Pod have been lucky, helped to escape again by the Blackfish and Jamie will not send anyone after them.

Has the Blackfish died off screen, sword in hand fighting for pride? It appears so. 

He was right about Edmure, but wrong not to listen to Brienne on two occasions. 

Mereen, a dragon and a fleet from the old masters? Too easily resolved? Maybe, but it’ll look good if we’re not getting tye encounters of the books. A massive horde of Dothraki are headed there anyway.

Where is Varys off to and whose help is he seeking? My guess is Littlefinger, but maybe that’s too straight forward.

Arya has more journey in her, her time at Braavos is over, but the Hound, her old companion is still in the Riverlands with some lads wanting to head north. Seems like a reunion is in order. Brienne and Pod need to get out of that boat at some point too. 

How does Thoros do it. Bringing back Beric again? Seeing the Frosties threat? Is Melisandre broadcasting through the fires?

The Waif was truly scary, almost robotic in her movement but it was a well realised chase through ancient streets ending with Arya, her needle and the darkness and the Waif did indeed follow her trail as she was supposed to.

We are far away from the Books, I don’t think my prior book knowledge really helps. Riverrun has played out as a mid season sort of high point, as to an extent has Arya’s story. I think we are still headed toward some real fireworks.

Firstly,Kings Landing. Tommen and the High Sparrow versus Cersei, her former Maester and monster Knight. I don’t think Jamie can tip the odds against the collective madness and bear in mind Tommenis his child too. 

Secondly, ep 9 is The Battle of the Bastards – in a literal sense Ramsay Snow/Bolton versus Jon Snow. 

Thirdly, Danerys, Drogon-the-Dragon and a big fleet of bad guys. Much as I think Dragon is suited to ship flaming,,I think they’ll get a wee bit of help from Yara and her fleet. How useful will Theon be?


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