Game of Thrones S6 E9 – The Battle of the Bastards.

We start in Mereen ? 

Bombs flying from the decks of the ships toward the city. Danerys and Tyrion are in discussion.

‘Do we have a plan’ he asks, but she says something beastly about killing everyone.

Tyrion says what Jamie told him about the wildfire under Kings Landing. He suggests an alternate approach. 

Next scene has the terms of surrender from the old masters would think Mereen will surrender.

‘Your surrender,not mine’ says the Khalessi.

And there goes Drogon. The wee blonde mounts him. (Oo-er) and the other two dragons break out too.

The lads with masks get a right horsing from the blood riders after some nasty stabby stuff. Daario likes a curved sword it seems.

‘Dracyrus’ – and the master’s fleet burns.

Grey Worm addresses the Old Masters soldiers. They run off dropping their weapons.

Tyrion tells the masters they violated their pact made with Tyrion. Grey Worm then spectacularly cuts the heads off the two that wouldn’t bow. The survivor is to go and say what happened there.

Decapitation with style.

Action, Dragons, stabbings and some decapitational gore.

Outside Winterfell.

Riders approach Jon and Sansa.

It’s only RAMSAY BOLTON with amazingly outrageously provactive words as only he can.

He thanks Jon for bringing back ‘Lady Bolton’.

Jon says lets do it the old way – you versus me. 

Ramsay laughs. He says he knows his army would beat Jon’s.

Little Rickon is mentioned. The direwolf’s head is produced.

Sansa ends the chat with ‘you’re going to die tomorrow’

Ramsay talks about feeding his dugs and rides back to Winterfell after insulting Jon some more.

Davos, Jon and Big talk tactics. They’ve dug trenches, but the fear is the horses and they’ve set a trap for Ramsay.

Sansa says to Jon that she has insight as Ramsay sets traps and plays people. 

Sansa tells Jon that Ramsay holds Rickon as a true born Stark. They argue, Jon is conflicted on how to win.

Davos and big Tormund about Stannis’s attack on Winterfell. They talk about Mance Rayder too. 

‘Our mistake was believing in Kings.’

‘Jon Snow is not a King’

Davos walks away from the camp to cure his nerves.

Melisandre is in a tent sitting quietly. Jon asks her advice – ‘Don’t Lose.’ 

He asks that she doesn’t bring him back from the death. 

She is still conflicted by her ability to bring him back. She has no great advice for Jon. 

Davos comes across the remains of a pyre in the snow he finds the carving he gave Shireen Baratheon 

He is disquieted.

A horn sounds.


Tyrion talking to Theon and Yara Greyjoy in the throne room of the pyramid. 

He talks of Winterfell and being joked over for being a dwarf by Theon.

The surprise comes for Tyrion and Dany  when it’s Yara’s claim for the Seastone Chair that’s needed rather than Theon’s.

Dany and Yara as Queens seem a match as daughters of bad kings that have been upsurped.

They talk of Euron. And his ‘big cock’ – 

‘I never demand but I’m up for anything’ is Yara’s response to Dany asking if her offers conditional on marriage like Euron.

‘You will respect my claim for the seven kingdoms and respect the integrity of the seven kingdoms’

‘No more Raping or Reiving.’ Is the young Khalessi’s command.

‘No More.’

Dany and Yara bind arms rather than handshake on their deal.

The Khalessi now has a fleet.. 

Outside Winterfell

The troops are lined up. Out rides Jon Snow, it’s nervous

Flayed men on crosses burn in front of Ramsays big Army.

His horse rides forward he had a rope in hand. 

He dismounts dragging Young Rickon.  He raises a knife from his other hand.

Jon moves.

Rickon is prepared for death. 

Ramsay cuts his ties – ‘do you like games? Run to your brother.’

Ramsay then takes a bow from his henchman.

It’s a deadly game he has in mind.

Jon mounts his horse.

Ramsay loads the bow. His first shot misses.

Jon rides.

Rickon runs. 

Ramsay aims ahead of Rickon.

His next arrow goes through him. The boy is dead.

Jon stares.

Big Tormund quietly says ‘don’t.’

The dander is up and Ser Davos shouts for the charge. 

Draw. loose. Arrows fly.

Jon is thrown from this mount.

The Bolton cavalry charge, alone Jon draws his sword. His cavalry hits the Boltons just in time.

Davos stands down his bowmen. Ramsay loosens the arrows on all the cavalry his own as well.

Chaos on the battleground, Ramsay orders the arrows loose again and again onto the men and horses.
Jon keeps fighting but the battle is now a heap of death.

Davos commits the infantry.

Ramsay says ‘it’s time’ – his infantry move.

Tormund saves Jon in the midst of battle.

The Bolton shields surround the battlefield and they form a curved shield wall and lower their shield and use pikes on the Wildlings. 

It’s a near perfect trap. A crescent of shields on one side, a crescent of death on the other.

Ramsay’s men also attack down the hillside of death.

Jon and his army are trapped.

Wun Wun and Tormund try to break the shieldlines. They can’t break through.

The Wildlings break away to climb the mound of bodies and attack Ramsays unshielded troops.

In the chaos Jon is at the bottom crushed into the piles of bodies. He can nearly breathe.

The crush is unbearable.

Another Horn sounds.

Ramsay looks for where it’s coming from.

The horn sounds again.

It’s the horsemen from the Vale! 

Sansa looks impassive, but the horsemen break the circle of Bolton shieldmen.

Tormund and Smalljon Umber fight an epic battle. They’re so close that Tormund has to bite his throat.

The crush eases.

Jon, Tormund and Wun Wun rise from the charnel and go after Ramsay who has rode for Wintefell.

‘Their Army has gone. Our Army has Gone. We have Winterfell ‘

Wun Wun pounds and breaks the gate but he falls under a hail of arrows. 

The Wildings and Islanders soon deal with the Bolton archers inside the yard.

But, Ramsays arrow is the one that fells Wun Wun through his eye.

Jon picks up a shield and Ramsay fires arrows at it, Jon keeps running at him.

Ramsay basically gets his head punched in.

Jon looks up at Sansa. Is Ramsay dead?

If he’s not, then Sansa will do the rest?

The Bolton banner is dropped from the walls of Winterfell.

The Stark wolf banner is then flown from the walls.

Melisandre looks on. 

Davos has his carving for Shireen in hand.

Sansa then asks Jon ‘Where is he?’

Ramsay is bloody but alive in the cells. Tied to a chair.

‘Ah Sansa, is this where I’ll be staying now’

He refers to the cell.

‘You can’t kill me.’

‘Your words will disappear your house will disappear, all memory of you will disappear.’ The dogs enter.

‘My hounds won’t harm me. They’re loyal beasts.’

The first dog gets closer.

‘They were. Now they’re starving.’

It licks Ramsays face, he shouts down, the dog doesn’t move. He again shouts down.

It bites. The pack attack

Sansa walks off.


No Kings Landing, No Hound, No Bran and Uncle a bit frosty. No Frosties either. No Samwell. No Arya.

Danaerys has her Victory. She has her Fleet, her riders, her army. Is it time to go from Mereen?

Sansa has won against the odds and is home in Winterfell, she has destroyed Ramsay in a way he deserved.

Jon was near defeat, his army was literally crushed. He might have the North but the victory was the timely appearance of the Knights of the Vale.

There’s a price to pay though and Littlefinger won’t be slow to ask.

The editing and music in the battle scenes was immense.

There’s a point that the epic dragon burning of the fleet in Slavers Bay would have been a set piece on its own. 

It was overshadowed by a battle of battles and Ramsay deserved his fate.

Next weeks episode is titled ‘The Winds of Winter’ – Cersei and Loras must stand trial before the seven.

Tyrion’s mention of the wildfire under Kings Landing again after Dany’s almost crazy ‘kill them all’ rant. 

In book terms, I’ve not much to work from. Sansa transforms from pawn to player slowly, her path is the show seems fine to me. The battle for Mereen is different as is the battle for Winterfell. The point is their significance and what follows.

Bran will be relevant.

Cersei’s trial will be relevant.

The Winter King will be relevant. I fear that the Nights Watch will have work to do. Poor Edd Tollet.

Will the Hound and the Brotherhood head north?

Jamie will be back amongst the Freys.

What of Brienne and Pod?

Will Sam and Gilly reach Oldtown for his study with the Maesters.

Uncle Euron? Has he built a fleet?

Can Jon and Sansa outwit Littlefinger?

They might need Davos and Melisandre, but they’re needing a chat over that carving he found in the pyre.

And what great line will Yara Greyjoy get?


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