The Relevance of Jeremy Corbyn and the Progress ‘Chicken Coup’ to Scotland.

It’s been all over the mainstream media for weeks, Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet resigning on hourly intervals, 172 members of the parliamentary Labour Party not backing their directly elected leader. The Eagle leadership contest, Owen Smith.

So, what’s the relevance for Scotland.

None, Nil, Nothing, Zip, Nada.

Beardy as I call him on Twitter, ain’t our problem. He’s leader of a toothless divided ‘official opposition’ at Westminster that has been ineffective on opposing Austerity, has seen Brexit happen and has seen Trident renewed whilst the MoD plays coy on contracts for building Frigates on the Clyde.

They deserve a snap election call from Theresa May to wipe them out in Westminster.

Anyway, that’s plenty. Keeping Scotland in the EU is enough to do without needless distraction.

Whilst I’m saying ‘needless distraction’, Labour in Scotland’s plan for the post Brexit situation would be funny if they weren’t serious. Saying the independence matter is settled, then saying we’re along for the ride on Brexit, more housing should be built by bringing forward infrastructure spending from the devolved budget and finally a grandiose talking shop to decide what to do, whilst raising tax in Scotland by a penny in the pound. Sorry, but that’s not a plan, it’s hot air, wind, distraction and bluster which no doubt the BBC in Scotland and the Scottish MSM will lap up.

Right.. Back to the reality.


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