Childhood Memory (Autism)

A bad start to the day. Can’t place an association in my head.

It’s the song ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ of all things.

I thought I knew it, like everyone does. But first line only and I’ve also had a creeping fear about it. I guess I don’t know why.

I woke a bit startled. I’ve been shaky, nervy.

I don’t think it was ever something I sang to my kids, but it’s early sixties. It would have been there in my childhood like ‘morning is broken’ I guess.

I think/feel there’s an association with something as a kid. I can’t place it. I can’t get it straight in my head.

It’ll bug me a bit. There’s an association but what it is..

Strange things can be dredged up. But at same time my early childhood is a void. I can’t remember anything before going to school really. I don’t know.

Edit to add. A day later and I’m no clearer, so I’ll leave it be and if the link/reason pops up, then fine.


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