I noted a few tweets that talked about ‘Scottish Six’ from Monday.

The prospect of a Scottish produced weeknight news programme replacing the BBC’s Six O’Clock News is something I approve of.

The raising of the issue by John Nicholson through the House of Commons media select committee was good work.

Then came the bunfight.

BBC News channel report on the issue and get a talking head on for their show and tell type explanations. This time it was David Torrance who is a political journalist and he appears semi regularly as a pundit/opinion.

David makes a daft comment on the ability to produce a nightly bulletin. It’s fairly well rebutted by a number of independence supporters.

Now, I haven’t seen every tweet chain from last night, but someone has upset David Torrance and he’s off Twitter.

So, we go from Scottish Six to David Torrance as the story. 

Other commentators say he was forced off Twitter and no doubt the man himself will speak on the subject in one of his publication columns.

We can look at politics, comment on stories and take a view whether it’s pro-independence or not.

As I’ve said before. Playing the ball is the thing. Not the man. 

The discussion needs to return to the Scottish Six. I do hope David returns to Twitter and I hope people learn that comment is fine, abuse isn’t.

There can be over reactions, there’s always potential for that and rather than another inevitable ‘bad cybernats attack journalist’ tale, I think we need to see a degree of analysis and reality.

There is an element of the daftness in saying Scotland couldn’t produce a Scottish Six:-

 We’ve seen Scotland Tonight, Newsnight Scotland sections in the past and a devolved news covering world, U.K. And Scottish issues is a reasonable next step for a broadly well educated, media mature country. 

Reflection is needed and perhaps David and other commentators on the pro-Union vein could show more willingness to consider things rather than playing the role of an opposition to the elected government and largest party.

Politics in Scotland has changed, attitudes can change too, getting away from the too wee, too poor, too stupid argument would be a step forward.


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